LifeCell - Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking in India

State-of-the-art Infrastructure India’s First & Only Dual Storage of Stem Cells

LifeCell Stem Cell City Chennai - Our flagship facility at Chennai is home to one of the world's largest and most accredited stem cells processing and preservation centers. With over 65,000 sq ft of operating area and spread over a sprawling 3 acres campus, our state-of-the-art facility is only 20 kms from the Chennai International Airport.

LifeCell Stem Cell City Gurgaon with 65,000 sq ft of built up area is presently serving as a back-up storage facility and being expanded to include testing and processing divisions. This facility is located at IMT Manesar and is about 30 kms from the Delhi International Airport.

Put together both facilities have the capacity to hold lakhs of samples. The care provided for these stem cells at various stages through testing, processing, and storage up until release for transplant is exceptional.

  • Storage
  • Processing
  • Testing


With dual fail-over for power through UPS and DG systems, and dual fail-over for refrigeration through in-tank buffer and large external bulk-tank there is enough back-up to ensure self-sufficiency for ~1 month, which is substantially enough to make alternate arrangements


The storage vessels are connected with electronic transmitters and alarms for continuous monitoring and alert triggers through SMS and E-Mail to ensure quick recoveries in the event of temperature fluctuations.


The buildings are designed for their seismic zone classification, and all units are stored at a level above ground to avoid submergence during floods. Should the units need to be moved to an off-site location as a precautionary measure, they can be quickly loaded on trucks supported with power and refrigeration supply.


The facility has a 24*7 high-security cover and enabled with electronic access controls that limit access and is also monitored through CCTV-cameras.


Stem cells are separated in sterile processing suites, and under closed conditions wherever possible to minimize external exposure


Equipments used for processing are best-in-class and are largely imported from reputed manufacturers with substantial experience in stem cell processing


Processing records are captured electronically thereby avoiding tedious paperwork and manual errors


Our protocols are validated, verified routinely, and benchmarked against international standards to ensure highest recovery of stem cells


Data from the equipments are directly pushed to the central Lab Information Management Systems thereby avoiding scope for manual errors whilst also enabling e-access for client viewing on a real-time basis


Testing equipments are of high-throughput, largely automated, and equipped with barcode scanners


All samples scheduled for testing are barcoded at source to ensure traceability through the entire cycle


Our labs participate routinely in third-party verification and accreditation programs thereby providing added assurance on supreme quality standards

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