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  • India’s First & Only Menstrual
    Blood Stem Cell Bank
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    with Cryo-Cell
  • A Simple,
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What is Femme

LifeCell International, pioneers of stem cell banking in India, now bring you an exclusive service – LifeCell Femme. To help you preserve those invaluable stem cells from your monthly menstrual cycle.

LifeCell Femme helps you collect and preserve these vital stem cells from your menstrual blood (you can do it in the privacy of your home) in a totally non invasive and painless way.

Stem cells are extracted from this blood and cryo-preserved at our state of the art laboratory, till you attain the age of 60. You can use it anytime you like, to take care of your future health and that of your family!

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How it Works

Once you’ve decided to preserve your body’s vital stem cells and enrol for Femme, the rest is an easy 5 step process.

  • Sign Up

    Step one is to register with us. Contact LifeCell and we will give you all the information you need. Our team of executives will brief you about the concept, the process of enrollment and the preservation

  • Wait for Your Periods!

    After we confirm your enrolment, relax and let us know when your periods are due next. We will mail you the Femme collection kit, at least two days before your cycle starts. Once you get your periods,

  • Check, Read and Collect

    Call our 24 hour helpline if you have even the simplest doubt, our executives will guide you through the process. Once you’re familiar, follow the collection instructions,

  • Documentation and Dispatch

    Call LifeCell's designated courier service, our Customer Care center or the Helpline. They will pick up the sample immediately after collection and organize to dispatch it to our laboratory.

  • Processing and Preservation

    Once we receive your sample, we will first examine it and when it is found fit for processing, it will undergo a series of tests. The sample is then processed for harvesting stem cells. The

Payment Plans

  • 33,900/-

    Lifetime Storage Plan
    Pay one time and preserve the stem cells for a lifetime.

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  • 21,900/-

    One Time Plan
    Hassle-free one-time payment for 21 years of preservation.

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  • 9,900/-

    Standard Storage Plan
    Pay convenient annual storage fee for 21 years of preservation.

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  • Sunita Batra Parents

    I feel happy and special that I have availed this great gift of god in a right way. My association with Lifecell has been really wonderful and I thank LifeCell to have brought such a radical concept to India. I would recommend and suggest this to all the women treat yourself as special and go for it.

  • Dr. Rupali WartyParents

    As I am practicing cosmetology and anti-aging medicine, every conference I attended would have multiple presentations on stem cell therapies. I am amazed at the rate at which this part of medicine is being researched and truly believe that it’s going to be the base in future for treatments of multiple ailments.

    I had missed the opportunity to bank the cord blood cells when my kids were born. Life Cell menstrual stem cell banking gave me this second chance which I grabbed up immediately. Now i have my very own stem cells which can be used in the future.

    It is commendable the way the whole registration and sample collection process is carried out and I would definitely recommend my patients and other ladies to think seriously about menstrual blood stem cell banking.

  • Shilpa ArvindParents

    I am very happy and proud to have banked my Baby's placental stem cells with Lifecell, to secure her future. Further, I have decided to bank my own stem cells obtained from menstrual blood as insurance. I am sure that my Baby's and my stem cells will be preserved in appropriate condition and will turn out to be life saver when needed.

  • Swati JadavParents

    I have heard about Stem Cell Banking from my friend and I wanted to collect it for myself and my son. I have done collection and storage of my stem cell successfully with LifeCell. LifeCell gave an opportunity to secure my health for future.

  • Shilpa Shirodkar RanjitParents

    I had my little Angel in 2003, when stem cell banking for kids had just started. Since I did not have much information at that time, I missed out on the opportunity to store my daughter's stem cell. Thankfully, I got a second chance, when LifeCell contacted me about their new service, through which I could store stem cells from my Menstrual Blood and give not only myself a healthy future but possibly for my daughter too.

    I think it's a brilliant opportunity. We not only get to live a long and better life, we can gift our kids the same! I believe that it's another chance we Mother's have, to provide the best for our kids. That's what Motherhood is all about. ISN'T IT!!

  • Shireena P. MunshiParents

    My association with LifeCell goes back to 2007, when my husband and I decided to give our daughter her very first gift, when we registered to bank her stem cells with LifeCell International. The possibility of providing our child a healthy, secure future is an immensely satisfying feeling to us as parents. Thank you LifeCell for giving us an opportunity to use an innovative concept such as this.

    When an Executive of LifeCell approached me regarding LifeCell Femme, though I did register, I was very apprehensive of the collection process. However, I was absolutely amazed to discover how easy it was. I felt no discomfort at all. On researching further on the internet, I found the Menstrual Cup is safe and hygienic and is becoming an increasing popular option amongst women. What I also liked it is that the entire collection process could be done by me in the privacy of my home. It was that simple. Everything was provided for in the package. Trust LifeCell to find a truly efficient method. It feels great to know that I could do my little bit to secure not just my future but more importantly that of my loved ones too.

  • JyotiParents

    Stem cells is the new hope in medical science. LifeCell is one such company which helps you store your stem cells in a very congenial manner. In the future we can look forward to the cure of many chronic diseases by stem cells. I am deeply thankful to LifeCell for its services.

  • Ranjani Prakash Parents

    When I enrolled for Lifecell Femme at first I was confident as I had already interacted with Lifecell earlier. Though cord blood banking was easy, they made me feel at ease with Femme too. However for Femme, I had to collect the sample myself so I was quite nervous, initially, about the whole process. The silicon pod provided to collect the sample is very simple and easy to use. The website and the instruction manual were clear so the entire process was smooth. I am happy about having selected the best in India! Thank you for making my choice a pleasurable and good one!

  • S. SrividhyaParents

    I am very happy to bank my menstrual blood stem cells with LifeCell. The collection procedure was so easy and simple. In fact, I could collect the sample using the pod without anybody’s help at home.

    I really appreciate LifeCell for giving me the opportunity to secure my health for future.

  • Mrs. Sonia JajParents

    I first read about LifeCell in a magazine advertisement. I had read it and kept it in mind as one of the things I wanted to do whenever I had a baby. In 2006, when my son was born I had his cord blood stem cells stored.

    Later in 2011 when LifeCell contacted me about their new service called LifeCell Femme, I went for it. Though it took a bit of convincing from the customer relations executive. Did I want to store my stem cells? O! yes, I wanted to, given the numerous ailments it can cure or can be used in conjunction with the current line of available treatment it made sense to do so. Added to it an incentive of discount for existing customers only went in favour of the decision. I am happy I did it.

    A convenient, simple and safe procedure for a safer future!

  • Ms. RuchikaParents

    When I got to know about lifecellfemme I checked various websites about stem cells and their use. It is unimaginable how stem cells are being used all over the world.

    Now not only am I a LifeCell Femme member but so is my sister and my best friend. The procedure is so simple that now I use the pod regularly.

  • Dr. Karuna GoyalParents

    I chose LifeCell Femme because I had missed out on banking my baby’s stem cells. The procedure seemed simple and I did my collection during my work hours. I think this is a good opportunity for all women. It is an effective way of ensuring our future health. If we have an opportunity to protect ourselves, we should do so.

  • Dr. Meenakshi AhujaParents

    I think that menstrual stem cell banking is a God sent opportunity for every women to realize the potential of the 'uniqueness' of her body and its function. It is a simple and convenient way of collecting cells which could change your life in the future!

  • Prerna BhatiaParents

    As I have already banked my son’s stem cells with LifeCell, it gave me immense pleasure when I got to know that I could also secure my health for the future by banking my menstrual blood stem cells with LifeCell. I went for it without giving it a second thought. I’m glad I got this opportunity to secure the future of my child and myself. I am proud to be a woman!

  • Dr Sneha JoshiParents

    The concept of Lifecell Femme is completely an eye opener. The menstrual blood is of no particular use but thanks to this concept we all realise the importance of this and make the best use of it. Who knew that our monthly cycles would be a Blessing?? The ideology is revolutionalry, beacuse it is the easiest way one can collect and preserve their precious stem cells which can be used to cure innumerable disorders and save Life!

  • Dr. PremlathaParents

    Though we don’t have any major diseases in our family history the main reason why I opted for Femme, is that common ailments are targeted and I can look forward to treatment without being terminally medication dependent. From a gynaecologist’s point of view and as a woman who has stored the stem cells, I feel it is a good opportunity to collect our stem cells as I have already missed the opportunity to store my kids’ stem cells. The best part is that it is affordable, good technology and it is totally non invasive. I have the key to protect my family.

  • Ms. Shanti UlhasParents

    I highly recommend LifeCell Femme for each and every woman in our country. Get a cost effective plan and enroll. The collection process was quite easy, the insertion and removal of the pod is very simple, if you follow the instructions. Post that, I started using the pod during periods, it is far more convenient than sanitary pads, any day!

  • Dr. Mangala KonsamParents

    This can prove very useful to cure various diseases. As a mother, I think this is truly a BOON! My care extends beyond the years that my daughters will live with me. And I think this is the reason for me subscribing to this procedure.

  • Ms. Daizy ThakurParents

    I saved my son’s cord blood stem cells with LifeCell and when I got to know that Menstrual blood stem cells are different from what I saved, I grabbed the opportunity and got it done immediately!

  • Dr. Vidya SangareParents

    LifeCell Femme is a revolutionary concept from LifeCell International, for harvesting and preserving stem cells from a woman’s menstrual blood. I am sure that this is going to be the future for all you women.The procedure of collection of menstrual blood is very easy and convenient. I would surely ensure that I talk about it to every woman I come across . Every woman should preserve her precious stem cells, which can be used to treat innumerable diseases.

  • Anya AhujaParents

    I feel proud to have enrolled for Lifecell Femme, Menstrual Blood Stem Cell Banking from LifeCell International. I have mental peace as I know my stem cells are safe and I can use them whenever I require in future. Thanks.

  • ShabeenParents

    Interacting with the LifeCell team was a pleasure. For me this was like buying Life insurance. I hope I never have to use it, but I'm glad I insured myself by banking stem cells.

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  • The Lisa Story

    "Stem Cells Saved My Life.
    It Could Save Your’s Too"

    I was at the peak of my career when my body started sending quivering signals. I felt washed out and tired. I thought the distressing signs were an overlap of stress. Thanks to my exciting work schedule, ignoring them was a costly affair. Amidst work and travel to India I underwent a routine blood test and to my apathy, I was advised a blood transfusion. I stopped traveling and on my return to Canada, life gave me a cold blow.

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