How Banking Works

Sign up

Step one is to register with us. Contact LifeCell and we will give you all the information you need. Our team of executives will brief you about the concept, the process of enrolment and the preservation & pricing options. After you’re fully aware and have no doubts/queries, you can enrol online (using your credit card) or through our representative by handing over a cheque or demand draft.

Wait for your periods!

After we confirm your enrolment, relax and let us know when your periods are due next. We will mail you the Femme collection kit, at least two days before your cycle starts. Once you get your periods, you can collect your menstrual blood sample with the help of the step by step guide, in the privacy of your home.

Check, read and collect

Once you receive the femme collection kit box

  • Check the contents of the Femme kit and read the collection guide.

  • Retain the kit box as you need it to send the sample back to us.

  • Call our 24 hour helpline if you have even the simplest doubt, our executives will guide you through the process. Once you’re familiar, follow the collection instructions, documentation and dispatch process and collect the sample accordingly.

Documentation and Dispatch

After you collect the sample, please pack the sample as per instructions.

  • Fill out and sign the attached Pink Card. This is critical. Samples without the Pink card, cannot be processed.

  • Repack the kit as per instructions and be doubly sure to put back the frozen foam brick in the kit box.

  • Call LifeCell's designated courier service, our Customer Care center or the Helpline. They will pick up the sample immediately after collection and organize to dispatch it to our laboratory.

Processing and Preservation

Once we receive your sample, we will first examine it and when it is found fit for processing, it will undergo a series of tests. The sample is then processed for harvesting stem cells. The extracted stem cells are preserved cryogenically at -196º Celsius at our highly secured laboratory.

On completion of this process, we will send you a Preservation Certificate from our laboratory, along with a detailed lab report for your records. Please keep this certificate safely.