Markers Analysed in Penta Marker Screening

There are 5 maternal serum that are analysed in the "Penta Marker Screening" during the first trimester.

Benefits Of Penta Marker Screening

  • In Detection Of Down Syndrome - For Trisomy 21, at a 1/300 risk cut-off, the Detection Rate of screening with the Penta Marker along with n & t and nasal bone is 98% and the False Positive Rate is as low as 1.2%. Using 1/1000 cut-off the Detection Rate is as high as 99% and the False Positive Rate is 2.6%.
  • In Detection of Edward & Patau Syndrome - For Trisomy 18/13 with free Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, pregnancy-associated Plasma Protein A, Placental Growth factor and n & t at a 1/150 cut-off, Detection Rate was 95% and the False Positive Rate was 0.5%, while at a 1/500 risk cut-off, Detection Rate was 97% and the False Positive Rate was 1.2%.
  • Penta Marker reduces the incidence of subjecting mothers to go for high risk invasive testing procedures or to go for an expensive NIPT test.
  • This screening fits well with proposed contingency protocol as a secondary test, by providing advantages such as identification of high risk pregnancies with early-onset Pre-eclampsia.

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