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There Is A Startling 51.6% Decline In Sperm Concentration Among Males In The Last 50 Years!

Tracking and preserving the health of your swimmers is now more important than EVER!

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SpermScore & SpermVault

India's First Private Sperm Bank To Offer Self Sample Collection At Home

Easily Interpretable Medical Grade Report

Results In 24 hours

Test From The Comfort Of Your Home

Easy & On Demand Sample Retrieval

Starting at just ₹4000/-

Who Should Consider Tracking And Preserving Their Fertility?

What Makes SpermScore+SpermVault Your Best Choice?

Convenient, At-Home Sample Collection

Private & Highly Confidential

Easy To Handle Sample Collection Kits

Medical Grade Test

Customised & Flexible Storage Plans

Virtual Follow Up With Experts

National & International Accreditations

SpermScore & SpermVault: The Process In A Glance

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