LifeCell Scales Diagnostic Capabilities with the Launch of New COVID Testing Centres In Key Markets

LifeCell Scales Diagnostic Capabilities with the Launch of New COVID Testing Centres In Key Markets

With the state Govt. partnerships & new testing centres, LifeCell successfully tests over 7,00,000 samples across the country

Chennai, 17th June 2021:

India’s leading diagnostics and healthcare solutions provider, LifeCell has recently expanded its diagnostics footprints into key markets including Kolkata and Pune. The ICMR and NABL accredited testing centres are equipped to handle COVID as well as other rapid biochemical and advanced genetic tests. With an extensive experience of handling over 7,00,000 COVID samples to date, the company has also extended support to the State Governments of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi and Haryana by processing over 8,000 samples per day, helping in effectively managing the ongoing pandemic.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Ishaan Khanna, CEO, LifeCell International, said, “LifeCell as a comprehensive healthcare brand has always worked hand-in-hand with the medical fraternity and the Government to offer the best possible support. While we were one of the early entrants to offer COVID Testing in India, the second wave hit everyone hard and visibly, there was a need for a prompt response. Therefore, to further bolster our support & commitment towards the fight against COVID-19, we leverage our expertise and scaled our operations to increase the accessibility of our testing services. We have so far successfully tested 7.3 lakh samples and we aim to add more centres in future to support the growing need.”.

LifeCell’s five testing centres are located strategically across India including Chennai, Manesar, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune. These are well equipped with round-the-clock testing and collection support along with a well-trained team of professionals, enabling LifeCell to offer seamless service to its customers with quick turnaround times and clinically- approved reports even in such difficult times. Additionally, with an aim to ensure the best care during the recovery journey of COVID-19 patients, LifeCell has emerged as a key diagnostics provider for the black fungus, COVID allied, and spike protein antibody testing. In fact, LifeCell has also been instrumental in offering uninterrupted diagnostic services in prenatal health and newborn care segments including routine biochemical tests as well as prenatal and DNA-based advanced screening from the comfort of home during COVID-19.

With the recent expansion, LifeCell will continue to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to its customers to help expedite their diagnostic journey.

About LifeCell:

Established in 2004, LifeCell is India’s first and largest community stem cell bank, enjoying the trust of over 3,50,000 parents. We are the only player in the industry providing comprehensive stem cell solutions including the novel initiative of community stem cell banking, R&D and point-of-care stem cell therapy for orthopaedic and vascular specialities. Our diagnostic division offers India’s most comprehensive preventive healthcare program for mother & baby care, consisting preconception, prenatal and newborn testing services aimed at addressing the challenge of high infant mortality rate in the country as well as promoting health and wellness for generations to come.