Family Floater

Now, offer the Life-Saving Benefits of Community Banking to Your Extended Family Members!

Share the Benefits of Community Banking with Your Loved Ones!

Now, your siblings and their family can avail the benefits of community banking with much ease! Even if your siblings who have not yet planned a family or have grown up children will have the opportunity to access the world’s largest repository of Indian origin stem cells at a very affordable cost!

All LifeCell community banking members who wish to be confident about their extended family's secured future!

Ensure Complete Protection & A Healthy Future for Your Siblings and Their Family!

Family Floater Plan

Added Protection At Just
₹ 10,000
Per Person!
  • Retrievals can be made by extended family members 2 years after enrolling for the Family Floater Plan
  • The fee is Independent of the chosen storage plan
  • Only the existing children of the siblings can be added to the plan at the time of enrolment

The Power of Stem Cell Transplants!

Stem cell transplant is a standard treatment in blood cancers (various types of leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma). It has broadening & novel applications in non-cancerous diseases too! However, the availability of HLA-matched stem cell units remains a major concern.
Because of the diverse Indian population, the chance of finding a genetically matched donor may range from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000,000.
Give your siblings and their family access to the largest repository of Indian origin stem cells

Here’s How the Family Floater Plan Benefits Your Extended Family!

How to Upgrade to Family Floater Plan?

Order Online

Hassle-free sign-up for existing Community banking members

  • Log in to your LifeCell Account
  • Order the service directly or use earned cashback
Fill in the details
  • Enter the details of the new members
  • Provide necessary documents for verification
Avail benefits
  • Enjoy the life-saving benefits of community banking 2 years post enrolment


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I am at ease knowing that my family’s health is secured!


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We know that your family’s health is your top-most priority! Thus, LifeCell brings to you the Family Floater Plan. Now extend the benefits of your baby’s cord blood to your entire family at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wish To Know More?

Your siblings, their spouses and the children can be added to the family floater plan.

Extended family members can make retrievals 2 years after enrolling for the Family Floater Plan

The Family Floater plan extends the same benefits of Community Banking to your extended family members. Therefore, the enrolled members shall be allowed unlimited retrievals.

Yes, the plan can be extended only to the existing children of your siblings at the time of enrolment.

Regardless of your cord blood banking plan, the cost of adding every additional extended family member will be Rs 10,000.

The family floater cover will continue for the duration of your chosen cord blood storage plan.