Your Chances of Finding
a High-Quality Stem Cell Match
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50,000 Transplants Are Carried out Annually and the Number Is Increasing Each Year!

StemMatch allows you to instantly find out the exact number of matching stem cell units available for your entire family in the LifeCell registry.

All LifeCell community banking members who wish to be confident about their extended family's secured future!

About 70% of Patients Who Need a Transplant Do Not Have
a Matched Family Donor

It takes time, resources, and effort to find a potential unrelated donor especially in cases where time matters the most. Early or proactive HLA typing helps improve the chances of finding a suitable donor and gives more time to the clinicians and families to overcome the transplantation barriers including finances and recovery support. Additionally, early HLA typing and rapid donor identification have been shown to improve the overall survival rate in high-risk individuals.

StemMatch helps expedite your journey of finding the suitable match when time matters the most! With LifeCell, you get instant access to the largest registry of Indian origin stem cells with over 60,000 cord blood units that ensure a greater than 97% chance of finding a match!

So, why leave your family’s health to chance when your one proactive decision can make a big difference!

Be Assured about Your Family’s Healthy Future With


Available for all family members
Easy sample collection
Reduced testing & matching time
Comprehensive results
Updated annual status report

How a Close Match Can Make a Difference!

HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) are proteins or markers present on almost all cells of the body. Our immune system uses HLA to recognize own cells and foreign bodies! We have many HLA markers, half of which are inherited from the father and the other half from the mother. In case of a transplant, the doctor always wants to find the best possible donor to ensure

Better engraftment (growth & development of healthy blood cells)
Reduced risk of complications including Graft-Versus-Host-Disease (GVHD)

Proactively know the number of high-quality HLA-matched units available in our registry for your entire family!

When Every Match Counts

The chance of finding a genetically matched donor may range from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000,000. Moreover, as HLA match is ethnicity dependent, the chances for an Indian finding a match is < 10% in global public banks. Interestingly, a few HLA markers are more common than the others or are found more often in certain ethnicities. Therefore, a person’s best chance of finding a match is more likely to be with a donor of similar ethnic background.

Here’s Why LifeCell Is the Best Matchmaker!

A Quick & Easy Way to Know Your
Perfect Match

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Sample Collection

  • For the child, the stored cord blood
    will be used
  • For the adults, book a LifeCell
    paramedic for sample collection

Get Result

  • Get comprehensive report
    within 15 days

Wish to Know More about What’s Covered in the Report

An 8 allele matching scale is followed during the testing process. Your HLA is matched to the community qualified cord blood units in LifeCell’s database to provide you with exact matching probabilities.


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Finding a matching donor at the right time could be rather difficult. Hence, LifeCell brings to you Stem Match - a test that allows our community members to find matching donor cells with ease!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wish To Know More?

You need to be a community banking member to sign up for this service. If you are planning to enrol for our community banking service, you can opt for stemmatch at the time of your enrolment. If you are already a member, you can sign up for it by logging into your LifeCell account or availing it through your earned cashback. Moreover, any family member can register for this test.

Yes, all members of the community bank (child sibling, parents and both, maternal & paternal grandparents) can sign up for the StemMatch Service . Additionally, since the size of the registry is dynamic due to the number of cord blood units banks/ retrieved, you will also get an updated HLA-Matching status report annually!

If you sign up your baby for StemMatch, we will use their stored cord blood to run the test. For the rest of the family members, a simple blood draw or saliva is required which our paramedic will collect from the comfort of your home.

An 8 allele matching scale is followed during the testing process. Your HLA is matched to the community qualified cord blood units in LifeCell database to provide you with exact matching probabilities.

A detailed clinically approved report will be shared with you online in 15 working days.

You will get the information on the exact number of high-quality 6/8, 7/8 & 8/8 matching stem cell units available in the largest repository of Indian origin stem cells.