Webinar Corner

LifeCell Diagnostics collaborates with top-notch doctors periodically to come up with interactive educational sessions on various trending medical topics. You can either connect with us live for these sessions or watch it later as per your convenience. This corner is to help us share these informational sessions with the rest of the world.

Soft Marker on Anomaly Scan by Dr. Pooja Lodha

Obstetric Scanning in COVID times by Prof. Liona C Y Poon

SFM India Oriented Guidelines for Ultrasound establishment during COVID-19 by Dr. Khurana

Ultrasound in the New Genetic Era by Dr. Chander Lulla

Management options in Monochronic Pregnancy by Dr Adinarayana Makam

Clinical Examination and Phenotyping in the era of Genomics by Dr. Divya Agarwal

Selective Fetal Growth Restriction in Monochorionic Twins by Dr. Nitin Chaubal

Prenatal detection of CHD - what are we and our guidelines doing wrong? by Prof. Sklansky

FGR: Does Size Matter? Size Vs Genetic Potential by Dr. Bijoy K Balakrishnan

When and Why should one Suspect Genetics in the Neonatology by Dr. Shruti Bajaj