LifeCell - Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking in India

Why LifeCell

The hallmark of LifeCell’s growth story is the undying passion to constantly expand its horizon and create newer opportunities to serve its customers.

This, combined with LifeCell’s commitment to quality, ensures that our clients do not have to look beyond us for their varying healthcare needs. Starting out as a standalone private stem cell bank, today LifeCell stands tall as a comprehensive healthcare services provider.

Stem Cell Banking Pioneer

Established in 2004, LifeCell is India’s first ever stem cell bank. The revolutionary technology was brought into the country in technological collaboration with the world’s first private stem cell bank, Cryo-Cell International, USA. Over 2,00,000 parents have entrusted LifeCell with the stem cell samples of their children.

Comprehensive stem cell technology player

LifeCell is the only company in the country to have investments in cell R&D and point-of-care cellular therapy for vascular and orthopaedic specialities.

Menstrual Blood
Stem Cell Banking

LifeCell is the only company to provide menstrual blood stem cell banking service, giving women the access to life saving stem cells from their own menstrual blood.

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Mother & Baby Healthcare

While stem cell banking serves as a proactive healthcare solution for babies, LifeCell also offers a range of diagnostic & preventive healthcare solutions for expectant mothers and children. These services include prenatal screening, maternal infectious diseases test, first milk test and newborn screening under the brand name BabyShield and additionally a home vaccination service.

Newborn Screening

Under the brand name BabyShield, LifeCell offers newborn screening service that checks a newborn for over 50 genetic and metabolic conditions. The test provides a stepping stone for a planned and healthy life for children. BabyShield newborn screening is highly reliable as it takes the two-tier testing approach of screening using blood sample and diagnosis using urine sample, minimizing false positive reporting.

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Our Service Strengths

  • LifeCell stem cell banking services are powered by two advanced facilities – a processing and preservation facility in Chennai and a back-up preservation facility at Gurgaon. Both the facilities are accredited by national and international organizations for standards.
  • The newborn screening service is provided by an advanced NABL accredited laboratory.
  • The prenatal screening and other pregnancy related testing services are powered by Fetomed, a LifeCell Enterprise, a dedicated fetal medicine laboratory.