About LifeCell Diagnostics

LifeCell Diagnostics is India's comprehensive provider of preventive healthcare services with a focus on care for the health and well being of babies and mothers, right from the time of pregnancy. LifeCell Diagnostics presents a complete panel of pre & post-natal diagnostic tests including maternal infectious diseases test, prenatal screening, first milk test and newborn screening test.


LifeCell Diagnostics testing practices are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL). Comprehensive panels, expeditious reporting and post diagnostic guidance make LifeCell Diagnostics a trusted partner for mother and child care during and after pregnancy.

LifeCell Diagnostics is an initiative of LifeCell International, India's largest and most preferred stem cell bank.

Why Choose Lifecell Diagnostics

As newborn screening is the foremost step taken to protect the baby after birth, it is important that the test is entrusted to a reliable partner.

distinct advantages

Lifecell Diagnostics newborn screening test comes with distinct advantages including:

  • Lifecell Diagnostics is brought to you by LifeCell International, India’s #1 stem cell bank
  • Lifecell Diagnostics laboratory is accredited by NABL that implies the highest quality standards employed for testing of the samples. The labs also participate in external quality assurance schemes with leading labs around the world
  • Lifecell Diagnostics has association with key treatment experts across the country to provide treatment and management guidance for babies diagnosed with conditions
  • The test results are made available in the shortest time enabling immediate further course of action
  • A two-level screening protocol that relies on two samples – screening first on blood followed by confirming on urine, thereby minimizing false alarms
  • Partnership with Nestle, global nutrition experts, thereby making available special nutritional supplements through a special access program for babies diagnosed with certain conditions

Two Tier- testing

Lifecell Diagnostics combines advanced technologies in biochemical genetics such as TMS, GCMS, HPLC & ELISA. With this combination, Lifecell Diagnostics provides screening of the largest range of disorders in Newborn Screening.

Our TMS+GCMS combination of technologies that relies on two samples-screening first on blood followed by confirmation on urine, will introduce early identification of conditions, minimize false positives and thereby reduce the anxiety and stress to families caused by repeated sample collection and testing.

60,000+ samples tested

Since establishment, Lifecell Diagnostics has successfully, effectively and comprehensively. Lifecell Diagnostics will continue to strive to improve the lives of children and their families by offering early detection of metabolic and other inherited disorders with highest accuracy of testing at affordable prices.

350+ Hospitals Association

Lifecell Diagnostics has established a partnership with over 350+ hospitals across India. Through this association, Lifecell Diagnostics aims to save thousands of lives, prevent developmental delays in babies and take important steps towards a more dependable and affordable health care system.

150+ centers in India

Lifecell Diagnostics Newborn Screening program is one-stop solution for metabolic screening with a comprehensive two tier testing that saves time in diagnosis and initiation of treatment. To ensure that all screened newborns receive appropriate, high-quality laboratory and follow-up services, Lifecell Diagnostics
is present across 150+ centers in the country and abroad.

Tie-up with Nestle Vitaflo for supplements

Vitaflo Ltd, the global nutrition experts, part of the Nestle group, are at the forefront of developing innovative specialized clinical nutrition products for management of metabolic disorders and specific conditions. Lifecell Diagnostics in partnership with Vitaflo and through an exclusive access program makes available, special nutrition supplements for patients diagnosed with certain key metabolic conditions.