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      Of Good Health Is Born With Your Baby

      Ayushmaan Bhava

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    • Your Baby Got The Timing Right.

      Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking

      Now At Just Rs 9,990*

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    • Over One Million People World-Over have been

      Treated Using Stem Cells

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    • Over 1,30,000 Parents Have

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Why Preserve

Umbilical cord stem cells are becoming the future of medicine.

  • About Stem Cells

    Stem cells are the master cells of our body that are creating a revolution in medicine today.

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  • Why Umbilical Cord?

    The umbilical cord that nurtures the baby during pregnancy has a lifetime role to play.

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  • Treatments & Research

    Umbilical cord stem cells have medical applications today and many more coming in the future.

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Over 1,30,000 parents have chosen LifeCell as their preferred partner.

What Will Be Your Reason?

Umbilical Cord Banking Made Easy

With 5 simple steps your baby and family can get the power of stem cells

  • Enroll

    Enrol for the service & receive collection kit

  • Collect

    Samples collected within 10 mins of baby's birth

  • Transport

    Samples transported safely to LifeCell's lab

  • Process

    Samples processed using advanced technology to extract stem cells

  • Preserve

    Stem cells preserved safely under -196 degree centigrade.

Protection Begins at Rs.9,990*.

LifeCell BabyCord, the most affordable stem cell banking solution

A wise investment towards unmatched care for your baby’s stem cells.

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