Have you recently come across male fertility solutions like semen analysis tests and sperm freezing?

Are you looking for answers on how these processes work?

Don’t know what to expect when opting for these procedures?

If yes, you’ve landed at the right place! Our detailed guide will break down everything you need to know about semen analysis tests and sperm freezing.

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What Is A Semen Analysis Test?

The process of checking the overall health of the sperm present in the male ejaculate (semen) and other semen parameters is called the semen analysis test. This test evaluates a multitude of factors like the quality, number, morphology, and motility of the sperm.1 It equips you with adequate information about the man’s fertility, reproductive health, and the viability of your sample for sperm freezing.

Why You Should Get Your Semen Tested?

A semen analysis test is the first step toward understanding your fertility status, especially for couples who are unable to conceive after trying for over a year. This test provides detailed insights into primary infertility factors in males. In addition, you can get a semen analysis which can also gauge the impact of specific conditions (like prostate cancer) and medical interventions (like chemotherapy) on fertility.2

This test is also useful if you work in a high-risk workplace (such as the military) or intend to put off having children.3 It can bring forth your fertility status and achieve your reproductive goals via sperm freezing in the future.

How Does LifeCell’s SpermScore Work?

SpermScore is relatively straightforward. First, you need to sign up and order your home-collection kit through our website. Once you receive the collection kit, you can collect your semen sample with the help of the detailed collection manual from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Next, you have to schedule the sample pick-up. At the lab, we assess the semen sample through computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA). The advanced CASA software automatically examines various different parameters that govern sperm health.

Next, you get your fertility results along with physician-reviewed results through a private online dashboard within 24 hours. You can interpret results with our doctors and develop a personalized action plan that aligns with your reproductive goals. This will give adequate information about your reproductive health and whether you should consider sperm freezing.

What Is Sperm Banking?

The process of collecting, analyzing, and preserving sperm at an extremely low temperature for potential use in the future is known as sperm freezing or sperm banking.4  It is a useful and efficient way to secure male fertility. When there is a risk to your reproductive health or a decline in fertility and you are yet to attain your reproductive goals, you may opt for this alternative.

How Does LifeCell’s SpermVault Work?

LifeCell's SpermVault keeps your sperm in a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge cryopreservation facility until you are ready for parenthood. Our experts follow the step-by-step process to preserve your sperm:

  • Analysis for 14 different sperm health conditions like Hypospermia, Azoospermia, and more.
  • Sperm separation using double-density gradient centrifugation
  • Washing the semen sample
  • Adding a freezing medium to the sample
  • Storing the purified and concentrated sperm sample into multiple cryo-vials at very low temperatures (below -150°C)

The double-density gradient centrifugation method before freezing is beneficial for the cryopreservation of semen samples.5  The process allows the separation of motile sperms from immotile and dead sperms.

The motile ones settle at the bottom of the centrifugation tube and are cryopreserved for future use. This method when combined with the swim-up technique for assisted reproduction through IVF makes for an effective way to increase the sperm recovery rate from poor semen samples.6

In Conclusion

LifeCell’s vision is to help you keep track of your fertility and reproductive health through proactive, innovative, and advanced products & services. Our comprehensive semen analysis and sperm freezing services are accessible from the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your home. The details mentioned above give you a rundown of the steps involved in semen testing and sperm freezing procedures. We hope you find these details helpful when booking a semen analysis test or opting for sperm cryopreservation process to attain a fertile future.