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Chennai's hunt for stem cells

Now, Chennai's heart beats and unites for a young 27-year-old athlete Blumen Sathya, who is desperately hunting for a matching stem cell donor to win ...

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LifeCell becomes India's top cord blood stem cell registry

LifeCell, with over 5,000 qualified units of cord blood available for sharing even with an unrelated patient...

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LifeCell's Advanced Umbilical Cord Collection Kit

LifeCell's improved collection kit has a five feature advantage over the traditional Thermocol kit.

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BBC World Features LifeCell

Watch BBC's feature on stem cell banking and the benefits of community banking.

Umbilical Cord - A Preferred Source

A preferred source of stem cells which can protect your child
and your family.

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Your Baby's
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Get Empowered Young!

Preserve Your Menstrual Blood Stem Cells Now

The monthly cycle will empower you well to take care of your future health.

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