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A loving father expresses his gratitude this Father’s Day!

The loving father of lil' Noah who recovered from a rare condition with stem cells devotes his entire life to convince new mothers to preserve their baby’s stem cells....

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LifeCell launches for the first time in India, "First Trimester Penta Marker Screening".

The most advanced technology that has the power of 5 biochemical serum markers to detect chromosomal trisomies with precision...

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LifeCell community banking is a huge common pool, just like a public cord blood bank holding 25,000+ samples currently and is also growing at a rapid pace. Hence, community stem cell bank becomes the best source for members to find a matching stem cell unit, at the time of need

Good news for LifeCell parents.

Find out how upgrading to LifeCell Community Banking can give you bigger benefits.

LifeCell community stem cell banking gets featured in NDTV 24*7

Community stem cell banking works on the concept of sharing of stem cells amongst a community banking their baby’s stem cells with LifeCell

Umbilical Cord - A Preferred Source

A preferred source of stem cells which can protect your child
and your family.

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Know your baby’s health while in the womb
Lifecell Diagnostics Prenatal Screening

Screen your baby during pregnancy for certain hidden conditions. Opt for Lifecell Diagnostics Prenatal Screening and put your worries to rest.

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Your Baby's
First & Most Important Test

Let your newborn child take his first and most important test of his life. Ensure you give your baby a healthy start

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