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Looking to secure your’s or your family’s future health needs? Preserve Hope by Preserving Cells, Genes & Tissues with us!

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Are you keeping your health in check? Get better insights, via integrated testing from routine lab investigations to advanced genomics

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Human Cell, Gene & Tissue based therapies already save thousands of lives each year! Access our innovative and market leading offerings

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Who Are We?

India's Leading Healthcare & Diagnostic Solutions Provider!

Established in 2004, LifeCell was founded in technological collaboration with Cryo-Cell International. Over the last 18 years, we have diversified from being the first & largest stem cell bank to providing innovative & comprehensive preconception, prenatal & newborn diagnostic services as well as COVID-19 detection & management testing!

What We Do?

Make the Best & Most Affordable Healthcare Accessible to All Indian Families!

We spearheaded the unique community stem cell banking program! We also introduced the nation's many firsts in diagnostic healthcare and clinical applications of placental and cord tissues. Thus, combining innovation & experience, we support our customers in not only protecting their families but also in nurturing the generations to come!

Who Need Us?

Everyone Who Wants to Have a Happy & Thriving Family!

Be it being aware about your reprodutive health & choices, planning a family, ensuring a healthy pregnancy, safeguarding your baby's future & wellbeing, or proactively maintaining overall health at all important stages of your life-we are here to help you in taking the right deicisons!

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