Extend the Life-Saving Benefits of Community Stem Cell Banking to Your Siblings and Their Family!


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With Familyfloater; your siblings, their spouses, as well as their children can enjoy the life-saving benefits of community banking and get access to the largest registry of Indian origin stem cells without needing to have a baby themselves.

Eligibility: Only existing community banking members

How To Add Members to the Family Floater Plan?

Login online

Order the service online directly by logging into your account.

Fill in the Details

Enter the details of the new members & provide necessary documents for verificaon.

Complete Order

Pay online using your earned, cashback rewards points, or using our online payment gateway

Avail benefits

Enjoy the life-saving benefits of community banking 2 years post enrolment.*

*The fee is Independent of the chosen storage plan.

Why choose LifeCell?

Licensed & Most Accredited

Licenced by DCGI, and accredited several times with agencies such as WHO, FDA, NABL, ISO, AABB and many more.

Best Matchmaker

Our inventory of 60,000+ and growing community stem cell units offers the highest chances (>97%) worldwide of finding acceptable match for patients of Indian origin.

Most Experienced

India’s first and largest private stem cell bank, in partnership with CryoCell International - world’s first private stem cell bank, with more units released for transplant from India than any other bank to treatment centers worldwide including US, Singapore, & more.

Highest Retrieval Experience

78 sample retrievals with 59 retrievals in India across 14 hospitals in metro & non-metro cities. 19 samples shipped internationally across US, Singapore, Thailand & Georgia. 15 medical conditions treated including β thalassemia major, lymphoma spastic cerebral palsy, autism disorder & more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wish To Know More?

Your siblings, their spouses and the children can be added to the family floater plan.

Extended family members can make retrievals 2 years after enrolling for the Family Floater Plan

The Family Floater plan extends the same benefits of Community Banking to your extended family members. Therefore, the enrolled members shall be allowed unlimited retrievals.

Yes, the plan can be extended only to the existing children of your siblings at the time of enrolment.

Regardless of your cord blood banking plan, the cost of adding every additional extended family member will be Rs 10,000.

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