Is a baby a maybe? Preserve your fertility with India's first private sperm bank to offer self sample collection at home

SpermVault - 2 Kits - 1 Year

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Get clarity on your fertility with our semen analysis test from the comfort of your home. Choose from our affordable cryopreservation plans and store your sperms for future use
  • Sample Type : Semen
  • Collection Type : Self
  • Results : Within 24 Hours
  • Biomarkers Tested : 11
  • Cyro-Vials Stored : Upto 6 Cryo Vials (IVF, IUI/ICSI)
As low as ₹5,085.00
How does It work?

Order Your Test Online

Select a plan and order your kit online

Sample Collection

Collect your sample in the comfort of home and mail it to our certified lab with prepaid shipping

Receive Digital Results

Within days you'll receive expert reviewed results with useful insights on your personalised dashboard

Follow Up

Schedule a virtual consultation with our experts to understand your results better


Based on the chosen plan, complete your goal and cryopreserve your sperms


Withdraw your sample when required with one time free shipment of your sample to your chosen ART Clinic

Digital Results - Your Smart Report

Customised Dashboard Experience:

We not only offer an interactive experience but also provide an insight on what all information you will get in your smart reports. In that way, we will help you navigate through your entire testing journey

SMART Reports:

We want to empower you with the correct information and for that, we have designed SMART reports that are reliable and easy to understand. Plus, you can share them with your doctor with just a few clicks

Further Recommendations

We want you to understand the logic and science behind what we do. So, your report is not just about numbers but crafted in a way to help you get comprehensive insights and solutions that will help you to navigate through the journey ahead

Advice from Experts

We understand the importance of expert advice, at the right time. That is why we don't just provide your levels and leave it at that. Our in-house team of medical experts interpret any out-of-range results and provide tailored advice

Why choose LifeCell?

Advanced Preservation Protocols

Cryopreservation done under vapour phase liquid nitrogen in stainless steel tanks, equipped with online continuous monitoring and alarm tools, and supported with multiple failover onsite instant and long-term energy backups (including on-site solar farm)

Multiple Storage Facilities

With storage locations in Chennai and Gurugram, two distinct geographical sites, LifeCell strives to minimize the risk impact of any impact outside it’s direct control

Service Backed By Experts

We’re the cryopreservation experts with experience of 18 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Wish To Know More?

The service is currently available across major cities in the country namely Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

SpermVault can be availed by men between the age of 21 to 55 years.

Sperm banking is usually recommended for men who look to start a family in the future. That said, the scope of sperm banking is not limited to men who wish to postpone fatherhood. Men from military backgrounds, men diagnosed with terminal or life-impacting diseases such as cancer, or men undergoing surgical treatments that may have an impact on their reproductive health are also recommended to store their sperm. This ensures that their dreams of fatherhood are not compromised.

While sperm can be stored indefinitely, at LifeCell, based on your reproductive goals, we offer cryogenic storage facilities for your specimen for a minimum of one year and no longer than ten years beyond which you may either undergo fertility treatment or discard and dispose of the specimen.

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SpermVault - 2 Kits - 1 Year

SpermVault - 2 Kits - 1 Year