We have often heard ‘what’s in the name?’ We think a lot too much! Wondering how? It is because a name becomes the reflection of your personality at first and stays with you throughout your life. So, if you are on one of the first missions of parenthood i.e., hunting the most trendy names of 2023 for your little boy, then we got you covered. In this article, we will enlist the unique Indian baby boy names starting with ‘I’. Let us explore.

List Of Unique Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With ‘I’

  1. Ish - Short yet meaningful. It is an Indian-origin baby boy name which means ‘ the master of the universe’. It is another name of Lord Vishnu. It also signifies purity and fast. So, Ish could be the perfect choice for your baby boy if you are looking for a sweet and distinctive name.
  2. Inu - We are sure this name is music to your ears. The name Inu means handsome, charming ,and lovely. It is a cute Indian name for your little munchkin. So, go for this name if you like the sound of it.
  3. Ishna - The name Ishna is another unique Indian baby boy name starting with ‘I’ that’s trending in 2023. It means desire or wish. Also, Ishna is another name of Lord Krishna.
  4. Inesh - Inesh is an unusual masculine name of Indian origin. It means ‘the king of the kings’. So, this is the perfect name for your little royalty.
  5. Ikjot - We know that your baby boy is the light of your eyes. Ikjot means the same and implies the god’s light or someone who has all the blessings from the god. This name also signifies happiness and ecstasy.
  6. Ishat - It is another unique Indian baby boy name starting with ‘I’ and means superior or the one above all.  So, go for this name if you are looking for an extraordinary name for your baby warrior. 
  7. Itish - It is a masculine name of Indian origin and means a god or a deity. So, Itish is a go-to name for your baby boy if you consider him as a god’s gift.
  8. Iresh - It is an unusual name for boys and means the god of the Earth. Also, as per Hindu mythology, Iresh is another name for Lord Vishnu- the preserver of Earth. Thus, it is the name to choose if you want to opt for a traditional name with a remarkable meaning.
  9. Ikansh - The name Ikansh means the whole universe. It is a mighty and bold name that signifies completeness. In English, it means a portion of you. So, pick up this name and give your baby boy the moniker, which truly represents a part of you.
  10. Ishir - Ishir is a mighty name that means ‘the fire’. It also signifies strength and vigor. Don’t you think Ishir is an inspirational name to go for??

Ending Note

We hope this article has proved to be a savior for all the new parents looking for a unique baby boy name starting with ‘I’. We have also curated the list of baby boy names with other letters in our different blogs. You can explore and choose the best-suited one for your little prince. Happy parenthood!