Cute Baby Girl Names Starting With O In 2023

Cute Baby Girl Names Starting With O In 2023

Written By Niyati Pandya - August 11, 2023
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Are you on the hunt for a cute name for your little lady? Look no further, because the letter O has some seriously adorable options to choose from! In addition, girl names starting with O are a rare yet legendary pick. I mean who hasn’t heard about Oprah Winfrey, am I right?

We have compiled a neat list of some adorable options for your baby. No matter which one you choose, these cute girl names starting with O are sure to make your little one stand out. So why wait? Start browsing right away.

10 Girl Names Starting With O

  1. Ohana - Ohana is a beautiful and meaningful name for a baby girl that originates from Hawaii. The name conveys the idea of family and the strong, nurturing bonds that connect us to one another. It is a reminder to the child that they are always loved and never alone.
  2. Ojasvi - This is an Indian origin name for girls and stands for “bright” or “intellectual”. It can be befitting for you bundle of joy who is destined to shine bright and bring light into this world.
  3. Olena - If you are on the lookout for something relevant and modern, Olena can be the perfect fit. It is a feminine name that originated in Ukraine, where it is pronounced with a soft "o" sound. The name Olena is derived from the word "oleander," which is a type of flowering plant that is known for its bright and vibrant colours. The name Olena itself means "sunrays," which suggests that your child will be a source of warmth and light for those around them.
  4. Omera - Omera is a unique and versatile name that can be used for both boys and girls. This Arabic name means "one who possesses an inspiring personality," which is perfect for a child who is already full of joy and charisma. No matter what child grows up to be, the name Omera will serve as a constant reminder to stay true to their inspiring personality and continue on the path to greatness.
  5. Omysha - Omysha is a delightful name that means “always smiling” and represents the positivity and happiness that a child brings into the world. It is a name that will remind your little one to always wear a smile and spread joy to those around them. Omysha is a rare and special name that will make your child stand out and be remembered for their bright and cheerful personality.
  6. Onya - Onya is a unique and powerful name that carries a lot of meaning. Not only does it mean "warning vision," but it also implies that the child who bears this name is destined to be a leader and guide others towards success. This name is perfect for a child who is meant to be a trailblazer and inspire those around them to reach their full potential. It is a strong and confident name that conveys a sense of purpose and direction. Whether your child grows up to be a leader in their community or simply makes a positive impact on those around them, the name Onya is a fitting choice.
  7. Oorja - Oorja is a Sanskrit word that means power or energy. It is a popular name for baby girls in India and other parts of South Asia. The name can be a befitting choice for your enthusiastic baby girl who is always radiating energy and joy.
  8. Opal - The name Opal is derived from the Latin word "opalus," and stands for a precious gemstone which is known for its striking play of colour. It's one of the shortest and sweet girl names starting with O. 
  9. Oviya - Oviya is a rare and unusual name that is derived from the Sanskrit language which means "painting." It is a fitting name for a child who is meant to create and express themselves through art. The name Oviya is associated with creativity, imagination, and artistic ability, and it is a unique and artistic choice for a baby girl.
  10. Ozal - Ozal is a beautiful and visionary name that is derived from the Arabic language which means "vision." It is a fitting name for a child who is meant to dream big and make their dreams a reality. The name Ozal is associated with visionary thinking, ambition, and determination, and it is a perfect choice for a baby girl who is meant to achieve great things in life.

Concluding Note

In conclusion, there are many beautiful and unique baby girl names starting with O. From the precious and treasured Opal to the artistic and imaginative Oviya, and the visionary and ambitious Ozal, there are many names to choose from that are meaningful and special. No matter which name you choose for your baby girl, it is important to choose a name that reflects your values, your personality, and your hopes and dreams for your child.



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