Understand the risk of passing on genetic condition to your child


An extensive carrier screening test to check if you or your partner carry inherited conditions that could affect your child
  • Sample Type : Saliva
  • Collection Type : Self
  • Results : Within 21 days
  • Genes Tested : 2000+
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Along with an interactive, user-friendly experience, we also offer you the complete screening test insight in the form of smart reports

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We want to empower you with the correct information and for that, we have designed SMART reports that are reliable and easy to understand. These reports are physician-verified, provide customised recommendations, and may also help you self-monitor your healthcare needs. Plus, you can share them with your doctor with just a few clicks

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We understand the importance of receiving expert advice at the right time. That’s why we don’t just provide your test results and leave it at that. Our in-house team of genetic counselors interprets the out-of-range results and provides you with tailored advice

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We understand the importance of expert advice, at the right time. That is why we don't just provide your levels and leave it at that. Our in-house team of medical experts interpret any out-of-range results and provide tailored advice

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Parents might carry mutated or changed genes, which could be passed down to their children. These mutated genes might cause various genetic disorders. For the majority of genetic conditions, both parents have to be the carriers of mutated genes for their children to be at risk. These types of disorders are called autosomal recessive disorders. Other genetic disorders called X-linked disorders are inherited from the mother and usually affect boys.

GenesPass is a preconception test that evaluates the risk of having a child with a genetic disorder that can impact their health and well-being. The test checks for mutated genes in individuals, which are responsible for over 2000+ genetic disorders and could be passed down to your child. Genetic carrier screening tests to check if you or your partner are carriers of any hereditary disorder can help you make the right family planning decisions.

The GenesPass test is recommended for expectant mothers or couples planning a pregnancy. The ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) also recommends carrier screening for genetic disorders in all patients during preconception or pregnancy. In addition, it is also recommended that people consider donating their eggs or sperm. Consult your doctor or genetic counsellor to check if this test is right for you. For X-linked disorders, the GenesPass test is only offered to female patients.

Most couples generally consider carrier screening before pregnancy. If the test results indicate a risk of having a child with a genetic condition, other options like in vitro fertilisation wherein the embryos are tested for genetic disorders can be considered. Embryos considered to be safe are then transferred during this procedure. Expectant mothers and their partners can get screened at any time. The majority of couples have a low risk of having a child with inherited disorders. However, couples at high risk can get important insights about the condition and plan for the next steps like prenatal diagnostic screening.

Genetic testing helps in finding out any changes/variations that have occurred in one’s DNA sequence. These changes are generally called mutations or variants which can be the possible root cause of disease or a disorder. In short, they play a vital role in screening and treatment of medical conditions.


Most people are not aware of them being carriers of various inherited genetic disorders until an affected child is born to them. The GenesPass test helps couples understand the risk of having a child with a genetic disorder before and during pregnancy. Even though there are no tests available that can screen for all possible genetic disorders or birth defects, the GenePass test allows you to make informed reproductive decisions for yourself and your family.

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