Identify the root cause of male infertility with advanced genetic testing and plan the way for a successful parenthood journey

InferGenes Male

When family plans don't go as planned, create a crafted path towards pregnancy by decoding infertility at a genetic level
₹15,000.00 ₹13,000.00
  • Sample Type : Saliva
  • Collection Type : Self
  • Results : Within 21 days
  • Genes Tested : 36 genes by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

What's Tested?

LifeCell's InferGenes Male Panel analyses 36 definitive clinically-relevant genes, known to have an association with male health conditions that could lead to infertility

What's Affected?

In men, genetic factors can affect:

Sperm production and motility

Sperm structure

Sperm transport (blockage/obstruction)


Congenital Bilateral Absence of Vas Deferens category includes genes that tests for the following conditions:

X-linked Congenital Bilateral Absence of Vas Deferens

Cystic Fibrosis


Y- Chromosome Microdeletion (YCMD) category tests the AZF region of the Y chormosome.

This condition arises due to missing genes in the Y chromosome.

Chormosomal Abnormalities

Includes genes that tests for the following conditions:

Klinefelter Syndrome

Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome

Adrenal Insufficieny


Congenital Adrenal Hypoplasia

Other sex chromosome abnormalities

Other Male Infertility Conditions

Includes genes that tests for the following conditions:

Hypogonardic Hypogonardisim

Androgen Insensitivity

Disorders of Sexual Differentiation

Syndromic Causes of Infertility

Mullerian Agenesis Defect

Is this Right for Me?

Infertility and Genetics are closely linked. Dive Deeper into the Science of Genetics, identify the root cause of infertility, and plan for a healthy pregnancy

Trying.. But Unable To Conceive For A Year

Inability to achieve a pregnancy after a year or more of attempting to conceive

Family History Of Infertility Issues

Your genes have a story to tell. Any history of infertility issues in the family may be cause for concern

Abnormal Semen Analysis Results

More often than not, low sperm count and poor sperm morphology may be caused due to underlying genetic conditions that impact fertility

Abnormal Hormone Test Results

Hormonal imbalances can indicate the presence of conditions that affect your ability to conceive. While the cause of these issues may not be detected easily, genetic testing can help rule out the possibility of genetic linkage to the condition

Planning And Ready To Start A Family

Proactive testing can help identify any potential red flags at an early stage and hence devise a customised path to pregnancy

Other Reasons

Molecular confirmation of a clinical diagnosis

Genital ambiguity (irregular development)

What do the Results mean?

Uncover the genetic causes for infertlity, take informed desicions, plan the way forward and achieve desired outcomes

What Can the Test Tell You?

Identifying the genetic root cause of infertility issues

Assessment of reproductive risks for couples planning to conceive

Insights on possible treatment options based on the condition

Genetic counselling and access to information on individualised clinical care

What Can't the Test Tell You?

Guaranteed birth of a healthy child

Your chances of getting pregnant

Positive Result

A positive result means that a mutation was found, the likely cause of infertility.

In the planning stage, you can consider:

Artificial reproductive techniques such as IVF

Use of donor eggs or sperm

Alternate options such as adoption may be considered

Negative Result

A negative result indicates that no mutation or variation was found in the genes tested.

What's Next?

The advanced genomic tool will help your physician to:

Guide you more efficiently by breaking down possible areas of investigation and intervention to help you achieve desired outcomes

Address the challenge of not having answers and identify the WHY

Tailor the treatment protocol by looking at your genetic fertility profile

Create a customized path to pregnancy

Complete Coverage For Today & Tomorrow

Parenting is not just about having a baby but a healthy one.

Learn more about the genetic legacy you may pass on to your child with LifeCell’s GenesPass Carrier Screening panel.

Collection Process

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How does It works?

Order Your Test Online

Order your kit online

Sample Collection

Collect your sample in the comfort of home and mail it to our certified lab with prepaid shipping

Receive Digital Results

Within days you'll receive expert approved results with useful insights on your personalised dashboard

Follow Up

Schedule a virtual consultation with our medical experts to understand your results better

Digital Results - Your Smart Report

Customised Dashboard Experience:

We not only offer an interactive experience but also provide an insight on what all information you will get in your smart reports. In that way, we will help you navigate through your entire testing journey

SMART Reports:

We want to empower you with the correct information and for that, we have designed SMART reports that are reliable and easy to understand. These reports are expert-verified, provide customised recommendations, and may also help you self-monitor your healthcare needs. Plus, you can share them with your doctor with just a few clicks!

Personalized Recommendations:

We want you to understand the logic and science behind what we do. So, your report is not just about numbers but crafted in a way to help you visualise and comprehend why, what, how, as well as the next steps

Advice from Experts:

We understand the importance of expert advice, at the right time. That is why we don't just provide your levels and leave it at that. Our in-house team of medical experts interpret any out-of-range results and provide tailored advice

Why Choose LifeCell?

NABL & CAP Certified

Our labs are NABL and CAP certified. This means they have to meet high testing standards and submit themselves to regular inspections

Privacy & Confidentiality

Your privacy is our priority. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your data is stored securely, and under no circumstance do we ever sell your data

Expert Certified Results

All our tests are medically reviewed and approved by our certified medical experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Wish To Know More?

What is the InferGenes test?

InferGenes, an at-home saliva collection test is a breakthrough genetic test to identify specific underlying causes of your fertility-related issues.

When and Who should consider the InferGenes test?

  • Individuals trying to understand the cause of infertility
  • Men with abnormal semen analysis/hormone test results
  • Women with abnormal hormone test results
  • Couples with a family history of infertility
  • Couples with history of miscarriages, failed IVF cycles or unsuccessful embryo transfer
  • Couples trying to conceive

What are the potential benefits of taking the InferGenes test?

  • Helps choose the right treatment plan or intervention by analyzing potential areas of investigation
  • Avoids unnecessary treatment cost and physical/emotional stress for you and your family
  • Identifies the WHY of infertility that a routine biochemical test and treatment response may not be able to answer

What should I do if I have a family history of genetic infertility issues?

Let your doctor know about your family history. They can recommend you to get in touch with a genetic counselor to evaluate your family history and provide options for further testing.

How will privacy & confidentiality be maintained for my genetic test results?

LifeCell’s state-of-the-art labs follow strict medical privacy policies and practices shared by the rest of the medical team. With LifeCell, your personal health information is safely and securely stored. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

What is Genetic testing?

Genetic testing helps in finding out any changes/variations that have occurred in one’s DNA sequence. These changes are generally called mutations or variants which can be the possible root cause of disease or a disorder. In short, they play a vital role in screening and treatment of medical conditions.

What differentiates InferGenes from others on the market?

InferGenes enables you to understand our genetic makeup and allows you to make individualized, actionable, and well-informed reproductive management decisions.

  • Analytical Validity with >99% accuracy
  • Convenient, at-home sample collection
  • Uses Advanced Next Gen Sequencing Platform (NGS)
  • Full Privacy & Data Confidentiality
  • Fast TAT Results Within 21 Days
  • Post Test Genetic Counseling

How can genetic testing be useful to me?

  • Genetic testing is the best and, in many cases, the only way to diagnose uncommon genetic conditions accurately and quickly.
  • Genetic testing can indicate whether you have mutations that put you at risk for genetic infertility issues
  • If you have a family history of genetic disorder and are planning to have children, genetic testing may be beneficial before the birth of your child, to help choose the right treatment option.

Does the InferGenes test include genetic counseling?

Yes. InferGenes test includes consultation with board certified genetic counselors to support post-test counseling.

How can I get my InferGenes test done?

  • Order your expert approved home collection kit online from our website Collect your saliva sample at the comfort and privacy of your home
  • Ship the sample back to our laboratory for analysis
  • Get your results in 21 days and book your post- test counseling with us to know more about your results

What can I expect after I order the test?

After we receive your request for the test, our in-house expert will approve your order. Fill out our online health questionnaire to get your order confirmed. This step ensures the accuracy of the test results. Your InferGenes kit will be delivered to your doorstep to help you collect the sample from the comfort of home. You'll collect your sample and mail it back to us. Back at our lab, we'll analyze the sample within 21 days and notify you when your report is ready.

What does the InferGenes test kit include?

Your InferGenes test kit will include:

  • Saliva collection tube
  • Biohazard bag
  • Saliva collection declaration form
  • Sample collection instruction manual

What type of sample is required for the InferGenes test and how can I collect it?

You need to collect the saliva sample for the InferGenes test, click here to watch the video or download our collection manual here and collect the sample from the comfort of your home.

What happens after the sample has been collected?

After sample collection, pack the tube inside the biohazard bag. Place the biohazard bag in the placeholder and the signed Declaration form back in the envelope. Firmly paste the hologram sticker on the opening flap to ensure safe transit of your sample to our laboratory. Once pasted, do not reopen the box or peel off the sticker. You can keep the kit containing the sample at room temperature. Schedule at-home sample pick-up and you can arrange a same-day pick-up (Monday- Saturday) before 11:00 AM.

Can I collect my sample over the weekend?

Book your sample pick up before 11 AM from Monday to Saturday. Sunday shipping is not operated by our logistics partner.

How do I return my completed InferGenes test kit? Do you provide sample pick-up?

Yes, LifeCell provides you with the option of sample pick-up. You can arrange a same-day pick-up (Monday- Saturday) before 11:00 AM.

What should I do with my kit if I no longer want it?

Ship your kit back to LifeCell in the event you no longer want the test. For further information, checkout our returns and refund policy.

Do the kits expire? What is their shelf life and how do I store them?

Kits have a 24-month shelf life and can be used by the client during this period. That said, we recommend collecting your sample at the earliest and shipping it back to our laboratory for testing. Before sample collection make sure you store your kit in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Post sample collection, you can store it at room temperature.

How do I store the collected sample before shipping?

Samples should be shipped as soon as possible. Saliva samples should be stored at room temperature if sample pick up and shipping has been scheduled the same day.

How many genes are covered in the LifeCell InferGenes test?

LifeCell offers a comprehensive InferGenes female panel test that covers 26 definitive genes and the male panel covers 36 definitive clinically-relevant genes.

Is this at-home InferGenes test accurate?

InferGenes test utilizes next-generation sequencing that reports results with >99% accuracy.

How do you maintain testing standards?

LifeCell has received accreditations from national & international organizations. We adhere to the highest standards of testing and calibration to ensure accurate & high-quality reporting.

When will I get my test results?

You will receive your results in 21 days after the sample reaches the lab.

How will I know when my results are ready for viewing/access?

You will be notified via email once your sample is processed and a comprehensive report will be made available online.

What information will I get from my InferGenes report?

  • Genetic basis of an infertility issue
  • Insights on possible treatment options based on the condition
  • Genetic counseling and access to information on individualized clinical care

How will the results help me?

A positive result means that a mutation was found, the likely cause of infertility. A negative result indicates that no mutation or variation was found in the genes tested.

This clinical tool will help you:

  • Guide you more efficiently by breaking down possible areas of investigation and intervention to help you achieve desired outcomes
  • Address the challenge of not having answers and identify the WHY
  • Create a customized path to pregnancy

How can I contact a board-certified genetic counselor if I have questions about my report?

You can also call us at 1800 266 5533, request a call back on or email us at

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