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Actively Trying To Conceive: Viewpoint For Men!

Written By Simran Kaur Bahia - December 14, 2023
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As opposed to what most couples believe, it's not just the woman who has to prepare herself for pregnancy. The male partner and his overall health have an equal role to play! Sounds confusing? Well, you are not alone. The majority of men who are actively trying to conceive usually have no clue about their fertility. However, understanding & keeping a check on your sperm health is an essential part of preconception care in men. And this practice alone can change the entire course of your reproductive journey. Here’s how!

Semen Analysis: The First Step To Preconception Care In Men

Semen analysis is a great tool to get acquainted with your fertility and overall sperm health. But most couples get to it when they have been unsuccessful at getting pregnant even after a year of unprotected & regular sex.1  

This delay can also be linked with another fact - the difference in how a man's and a woman's body works! Women get a monthly menstrual cycle that can be a great indicator of their fertility.2 But men may never know that their sperm has a problem until they start trying for a baby. Therefore, getting your semen tested or analyzed can prove extremely helpful, especially in:

Understanding Your Fertility

In order to get the woman pregnant, a man needs to produce a sufficient amount of healthy & functional sperms3 that can travel up a woman's vagina, cervix, and all the way to the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg. However, this simple process becomes complicated when the latter's sperm isn't that functional or healthy! 

Therefore, it is a good idea for men to undergo a semen analysis as and when the couple starts thinking about a baby. This can save them plenty of time & cost spent on unnecessary tests and procedures in the coming future.

Improving Your Fertility

Once you have a fair idea about your sperm health, you can easily navigate the rest of the journey. Male infertility can be attributed to different medical, environmental, and lifestyle factors.4 And in most cases, following simple steps and adopting a better lifestyle can treat infertility as well as boost the chances of conception.5, 6 

Therefore, if men kickstart their preconception care with a semen analysis, it can help them lay out a proper reproductive plan to achieve their goals without any extra trouble, dilemma, or stress!

Exploring 'ART' (Assisted Reproductive Technology)

A detailed analysis of your semen also comes in handy when you wish to explore other options to have a baby, including the most common one - IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).7 IVF is a popular assisted reproductive technology that involves egg & sperm retrieval from the female and the male partner, respectively.8 

The retrieved egg & the sperm are fertilized under lab conditions to form an embryo. Finally, this embryo is transferred back into the mother's body, where it attaches itself to the uterine wall, leading to a pregnancy!8 A semen analysis helps you and your doctor to understand whether you can use your sperm for this procedure or require one from a suitable donor.

Be Proactive With SpermScore!

LifeCell is here to help men take a step towards preconception care with SpermScore - A convenient, comprehensive & confidential way to test the quality of your sperm in the comfort and privacy of your home! With just a single test, you can understand your fertility status, plan your family goals, and explore options like sperm banking, if necessary. So, why wait any longer? Book your SpermScore kit now!



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