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14 Nov 2016 4 Comments

12 days-old Jack becomes the Youngest Recipient to be Rescued by Stem Cells

Jack a 12-days old little boy becomes the youngest person to be infused with his own cord blood stem cells and respond to it with a remarkable outcome.

His parents having read through the clinical trials done at Duke University, Durham for brain damage using umbilical cord stem cells, contacted their neonatologist in Canada to use their son’s own stem cells  to invigorate him from Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy.

Jack was hardly breathing when he was born at Mount Sinai Hospital. After hours of best efforts imparted by doctors to resuscitate, Jack managed to revive. A bad news still awaited Jack’s parents that he was suffering from Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy a condition that causes brain damage. This condition occurs due to lack of oxygen to the brain cells as a result of low blood flow.

The parents were told that Jack would suffer from extensive cognitive and physical disability. The shattered parents rushed to the stem cell bank where they had stored their son’s umbilical cord stem cells, to find out whether this could bring any sign of hope to their son’s health. After multiple visits to the cord blood bank, the laboratory director and Jack’s neonatologist complied to go ahead with the therapeutic procedure using an experimental procedure.

Jack was just 12 days old while he was infused with his own umbilical cord stem cells, thereby becoming the youngest person to be treated by stem cells for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. Many experts felt this therapeutic episode has brought in a dawn of a new era that would create a solution to several brain disorders.

Within days after the transplant, little Jack was off all the multiple Intravenous lines and was sipping his bottle being cradled in his mother’s loving hands. This summer Jack celebrated his second birthday, though he is still fighting his Cerebral Palsy, his parents find Jack as  a dextrous and alert little boy contrary to what the doctor’s had predicted.

Despite his challenges, his developmental progress has far surpassed even his doctor’s expectations. For the extent of brain damage, Jack witnessed at birth the progress in him now is just remarkable said the doctors, looking at his recent MRI scan.

They also quoted, that stem cells were the reason for his improvement and also said that they were still continuing to play a role in his further progress. The neonatologist Dr. Karen Pape who was handling Jack stated, he was making a steady improvement and responding excellently to the intense therapy programs because of his parent’s wise choice of preserving his umbilical cord stem cells at birth.


PHOTO COURTESY:The Canadian Press/ Christopher Katsarov: Featuring Jack & his parents



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