In life, we always look forward to the best of times but want to stay prepared for the worst of times. It is especially true when it comes to our families. And that’s why having an ally is a big plus. At LifeCell, that’s exactly what we strive to do - be there for you and your family every step of the way throughout this journey called life.


Be the largest provider of advanced products and services that address current and future healthcare and personal care needs


Leverage the Power of Cell, Gene, and Tissue Sciences for a Better Tomorrow

Our Values

At LifeCell, our core values are:

  • Leadership - The courage to rise above challenges and shape a better future.
  • Innovation - To think of a better way to solve a problem and we always do

Who Are We

Healthcare is in our DNA, as we’re founded by entrepreneurs who’ve setup a series of healthcare related enterprises including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

Established in 2004, LifeCell is not just the country’s largest stem cell and tissue storage bank, but also the largest provider of genetic screening tests, and a leading provider of cell and tissue based therapeutics. And we’re not stopping there as we’ve now embarked on a journey to provide innovative personal care products by infusing the modern cellular sciences with traditional knowledge from Ayurveda.

What We Do

At LifeCell we leverage the power of Cell, Genes, & Tissue Sciences to provide leading products and solutions that cater not just to current healthcare needs but also help address future concerns. We’re transforming each category with our relentless efforts, for example, now offering >97% chances of finding a match for stem cell transplant for Indians, providing country’s fastest genomics testing results especially for pregnancies and infants who need timely interventions to achieve better health outcomes, and offering human placental based dressings for wound management.

How We Do What We Do

Innovation is the fuel that propels us to seek the best of science-based offerings and bring them to life. We’ve spearheaded many of the nation’s first product launches and also were the first to obtain several international accreditations (AABB / AATB) thus providing the necessary confidence when adopting such newer offerings. Moreover we’re driven by our intent of making our products and services accessible and affordable to as many people as possible so that the benefit of such technologies isn’t restricted to a select few.

Who Needs Us

Everyone needs a happy and thriving family, and we’re here to help across the life spectrum so that you have the power of advanced technologies at all stages at your disposal. Be it becoming aware of your reproductive & sexual health status, proactively understanding hereditary health risks for planning a family with confidence or safeguarding your individual’s future concerns, to seeking to access and utilise promising treatment options where standard therapies fail.

Birth Of LifeCell

When the first family of LifeCell was expecting their first baby through their sources in the US they were informed early in the pregnancy of the opportunity to preserve the newborn’s stem cells. Not wanting this amazing technological benefit just for themselves, they immediately licensed the technology from CryoCell, the world’s first stem cell bank, and endeavored to have this established before the arrival of their baby. Given their background in pharma and biotechnology they did achieve that feat in a record time despite the challenges of doing something so new. Now it’s benefited 4 lakh+ families and counting.

Meet Our Leadership Team