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11 Oct 2016 264 Comments

2-year-old Boy’s Own Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Banked at birth Saves Him From Cerebral Palsy

A 2-year-old boy suffering from Cerebral Palsy after an episode of cardiac arrest was pushed to a vegetative state till German doctors use his own stem cells preserved at birth to save him.

The doctors said, break through dispelled the long-held doubts of treating Cerebral Palsy with umbilical cord stem cells. In Nov 2008 the unnamed little boy stated to be called L.B (Little Boy) was posed with an episode of cardiac arrest. Following which the kid was paralyzed with severe brain damage and was pressed into a vegetative state. His parents were warned by the doctors that his chance of survival was minimal. The desperate parents knocked on every door possible even ventured into alternative therapies to save the child.

The doctors followed the recovery of the child after the brain injury and arrived at only 6% of survival rate. After researching on many factors with relevance to the boy’s condition, the doctors decided to use the stem cells preserved from the boy’s umbilical cord at birth.

Thus far, no treatment has been employed where umbilical cord stem cells were successfully used as the primary source to treat infantile cerebral palsy. Despite the boy’s sad prognosis the doctors asked the parents to take hold of the umbilical cord blood preserved. Luckily the little boy’s parents had the umbilical cord blood stem cells of their son preserved at birth. Thus the boy’s umbilical cord blood stem cells were retrieved from the lab and infused intravenously.

Within a couple of weeks, the little boy began to gradually recover from the vegetative state. Within months there were remarkable changes he began to talk and move. The rigid spastic muscles began to relax, the little boy started to see, sit, smile and even speak simple words. In around 40 months after the treatment, the boy began to independently eat, walk without assistance and even form a sentence. The recovery was both physical and cognitive.

The previously done animal studies showed that the infused cord blood stem cells migrated into the damaged brain tissue and promoted healing and neuronal regeneration. It was also proven in rats that the cord blood stem cells migrated to the brain within 24 hours of infusion by crossing the blood brain barrier. Thereby, confirming the progress seen in the little boy to be genuine.

If you want to know more about preserving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth, click the link below:


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