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11 Oct 2016 16 Comments

Cord Blood Derivatives With Chemotherapy Proven Effective For Gastric Cancer

Cord blood-derived cells plus a type of white blood cells (cytokine-induced killer cells) combined with chemotherapy proven effective & safe for advanced stomach cancer.

Cancer of the stomach is highly related to eating habits, genetic predisposition and due to the presence of certain stomach diseases. According to the 2014 World cancer report, Gastric cancer is currently the 3rd leading cause of death among other types of cancer. The survival rate seen in 20% of the patients diagnosed with gastric cancer is less than 5 years.

The first line of treatment generally used for gastric cancer is surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In recent years with the rapid development of cellular immunotherapy and the shortcomings of prevalent traditional therapies, different types of white blood cells (lymphokine- activated killer cells and cytokine-induced killer cells) are being used effectively for treating such cancers.

This study was done to prove the efficacy of cord blood derivatives and cytokine-induced killer cells along with chemotherapy over the patients treated for gastric cancer with only chemotherapy. Based on the studies done to prove, cord blood derivatives were easily obtained and expanded in-vitro causing death of a variety of tumours, this study was undertaken.

Earlier researchers used only peripheral blood-derived cells to treat lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Since retrieval of peripheral blood from older patients was difficult and the number of T-lymphocyte (anti-tumour cells) was not sufficient enough in cancer patients with poor health status, cord blood was an excellent alternative.

A total of 28 patients were recruited for the study with 15 patients to be treated with chemotherapy alone and the rest with this novel combination therapy. The treatment commenced and the patients were followed after the treatment for a period of 2 years. The overall response rate and the disease-free survival rate were tracked closely. Cord blood with lower immune response showed a very low risk of graft versus host disease too.

The curative effect monitored showed 38.5% in patients with only chemo and 84.6% in patients with cord blood derivative source. The patients with the combined cord blood derivative treatment also witnessed a longer term of disease-free survival rates which was remarkable.

This absolutely showed cord blood derivatives combined with chemotherapy to be effective and safer mode of treatment for patients suffering from advanced stage of gastric cancer.

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Ref: This article was published in the Dove Press Journal of Onco Targets and Therapy, 25 July 2016



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