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11 Jun 2012

Daddy to be!

So you heard her scream for joy! You are going to become a father. That important milestone in your life is here and now. Although your wife is the one bearing the child, and going through 9 long months and dealing with the pain and pleasure of delivering the baby, you have a significant role to play as well. And your role starts the moment you know your wife is pregnant.

For starters, read up on pregnancy and what to expect every trimester. With changing hormones come changing emotions. Your wife may be weepy, happy, dejected, anxious, all at the same time. Nausea and sudden cravings may kick in. Make sure you get hands on in the kitchen, and help the household when she is down and out.

Accompany her to ante natal classes. Get involved in knowing how your precious baby is developing. Watch the scans, scour through name books together, plan on baby gear together. You may want to plan your finances for the future keeping junior in mind.

When the stage is all set, be with her through labor, and watch a miracle unfold. Post delivery can be a challenging period for everyone. Post Partum blues may grip your partner. And all she would want sometimes is to be left alone. Learn to diaper the baby, sit up at nights so she can get some sleep, and take your partner for a short drive.

Time flies so soon, that before you know it, your little bundle of joy will not be so little. And it would be wonderful looking back at the initial days of bonding. You would have given your child that priceless gift of daddy love.



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