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20 Dec 2016 242 Comments

Discover the new fountain of youth: Stem Cells

Doctor’s claim that, unlike the usual anti-ageing procedures which have side-effects and are self-limited, stem cells buds into the science of anti-ageing as a unanimous hero.....

Cosmetic doctors suggest that all patients should ask them for stem cell treatments to get rid of unwanted signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damages. Extensive research is done at AIIMS to harness the potential of stem cells in anti-ageing, while the ongoing research has also offered us positive outcome on the usage of stem cells in cosmetic treatments.

Stem cells come with the immense capacity to replenish and repair worn and old cells of the body, thus when these cells are introduced into facial regions they can yield amazing results. Loose, old and sagging skin gets transformed into firm and bouncy baby skin within minutes when stem cells are infused within them. A dermatologist who practices with stem cells on facial contour claims that they have seen fine lines, age spots, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging disappear diminish eventually on the introduction of stem cells. They also claim these stem cell treatment have no side effects, unlike other conventional skin treatments.

Department of Biotechnology has sponsored funds towards anti-ageing research and developmental projects that employ stem cells to explore various possibilities of its utility.

Now coming to the most important part, from where are these stem cells sourced. Ideally stem cells that are used for cosmetic purposes are derived from your body’s fat cells. Mostly fat cells extracted from the lumbar or low back region of your body is processed in the lab and utilized for the treatment. It is safe to use the patient’s own stem cells for these treatments as it is safe, has no side effects, void of allergies and infections and easily accepted by the body.

Many scientific reports have been done in the recent past to find the use of derived fat (stem cells) in skin repair, scar management, and skin rejuvenation. With all the promising up-shots of stem cells shown by various studies in regenerative medicine and cellular therapies using them for anti-ageing solutions is the next breakthrough in demand. Doctors also claim that the usage of stem cells in anti-ageing can reduce inflammation, promote regeneration and also help in rejuvenation. Thus, all dermatologists are excited with the major role stem cells can play in offering youthfulness to their patients.






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