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24 Sep 2014 3 Comments

The Facebook Star: LifeCell’s success story on Facebook

Today LifeCell has the largest fan base among stem cell banks in the world

Recently, LifeCell’s position on Facebook was recognized by two independent media houses Digital Market Asia, a Singapore based media house catering to the marketing community in the digital age and Social Samosa.

In 2013, brand LifeCell was looking at two objectives ahead of it: To leverage the power of Facebook to

  • Engage with couples or expectant parents to familiarize them with the concept of umbilical cord stem cell banking
  • Upkeep the lines of communication with clients who have enrolled for the service

The past year has been an exciting journey in achieving these:

Getting across a scientific concept to people during the overwhelming phase of pregnancy has been an exciting, yet challenging task for LifeCell. To love is to protect and that becomes the primary function of parenting. Every expectant parent looks forward to nurturing their child during pregnancy and much after birth. By preserving the umbilical cord stem cells at birth, a lifetime of protection is conferred upon the baby. Facebook gave us many opportunities to engage with these fervent parents-to-be through exciting contests and activities inviting them to express their love in different forms. The participants were also gratified with useful gifts and prizes that won a place for brand LifeCell in the hearts of the audience.

Read the stories here:

How LifeCell leveraged FB inIndia to propagate a nascent concept How LifeCell Made Happy CustomersSpread the Word About Them on Facebook

Though the decision on stem cell banking is high-involvement, once made, the client’s engagement with the brand is quite minimal. With Facebook being the everyday portal for people, it was a natural decision to be present on the portal and seek out to engage with our clients with updates on the company and the developments in the industry pertaining to newer treatments that were emerging. Clients also started using LifeCell’s FB page to exchange feedback and maintain their relationship with the brand.. Are you talking to us?

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