Finding a meaningful name for your baby starting with an uncommon letter like ‘I’  is a tough nut to crack. So, if you are burning the night oil, adapting to the new phase of parenthood and struggling to search for a unique Indian baby girl name starting with ‘I’ then, we’ve got you covered. This article will give you the most trending baby girl names of 2023. Get set go!

List Of Top 10 Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With ‘I’ 

  1. Idika - A baby girl name of Indian origin, Idika means the Earth. As per the Hindu mythology, it is one of the names of goddess Parvati. So, if you are looking for a blend of modernity and tradition then, Idika is a unique Indian baby girl name starting with ‘I’.
  2. Idhaya - The name Idhaya is an excellent and unique choice for baby girls in 2023. It literally means ‘heart’. Don’t you think it is a charming name for your beloved little sweetheart?
  3. Iksha - The name Iksha is another trendy and unique Indian baby girl name starting with ‘I’. It means ‘sight’ or power of seeing.
  4. Iksita - Ikshita is an uncommon feminine name of Indian origin. It means visible and behold. So, it could be the right pick for your little princess if you are hunting for a beautiful name with a unique meaning.
  5. Ira - Charming and melodious name. Isn’t it? Ira means ‘the Earth’ and signifies longevity and creativity. It is also another name for the goddess of knowledge, art and wisdom- Saraswati. Go for the name Ira if you want a pious name for your little cutie.
  6. Ibha - It is a powerful name of Sanskrit origin which has been taken from the Rig Veda. It means one who is hopeful and fearless. 
  7. Ishi - Ishi is another name of Goddess Durga who symbolizes strength and prosperity. As per the Bible, it means lifeline or salvation. So, it could be the perfect name for your little warrior in making.
  8. Ilakshi - It is an Indian origin name which means the ‘center of Earth'. So, go for this name and welcome your little angel in style. 
  9. Ina - The name Ina means mighty, bold, powerful and glorious . So, if you're searching for a modern name with a mix of royalty and fearlessness then, ina is the name to go for.
  10. Iti - Iti means ‘a new beginning’. Don’t you think the meaning of Iti is enough to choose it for your little star? So, cherish the most beautiful phase known as parenthood with this sweet and short name. 

Ending Note

A lot of research and patience goes behind looking out unique Indian baby girl names starting with ‘I’. We have tried easing this ardent task for you through this article. We also hope that these little moments of name hunting turns out to be the golden period of your life.