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30 Sep 2015

Honouring APJ Abdul Kalam by Instituting Stem Cell Innovation Award

The beloved missile man of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam left a never fading impression in the young minds through his innovations, inspiring speeches and love for science and technology. In order to honour our former president, Mothercell Regenerative Centre and National college, Trichy have jointly instituted the ‘Dr. Abdul kalam Innovation Award’ for researchers who excel in stem cell research along with a cash prize of Rs.25,000 and a certificate.

During the program, Mr. V.R. Ravi, Director, Mothercell Regenerative Centre said that the researchers and biotechnology students can use the lab and other facilities of Mothercell for stem cell isolation, culture, differentiation etc., which can be used in the working of various stem cell research projects like 3D print ear, nose cartilage or replacing jaw skull bone in acid attack survivors etc. He believes that stem cells could bring promising changes in the field of medicine such therapeutic use of stem cells for diabetes, heart diseases, kidney transplantation, and many others.

The event was inaugurated by M.K. Muralidharan, Dean, KAPV Government Medical College, Trichy and well received by stem cell industry experts. A renowned surgeon, S. Sankara Narayanan has mentioned that the regenerative medicine using stem cells appear to be a new and promising field for treating various diseased and damaged organs. He also said that stem cell therapy could provide alternate solutions to repair and regenerate affected tissues and organs in human body.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam believed in the power of stem cells for treating neurological conditions and inspired the young minds to invest their knowledge in stem cell research. The organizers believe that this award could open doors to more fruitful innovations in stem cell research which in turn brings promising stem cell therapies for medical conditions that remain incurable. This also provides an opportunity for aspiring students and young researchers to avail the research facilities required for their innovative studies.



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