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04 Jan 2012 7 Comments

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! it’s a mom!!

Pregnancy and child birth can be momentous, at the same time overwhelming. Ask any mother -to- be waiting at the gynec’s and she will have a series of queries and doubts actually written down. Most of these crucial concerns often go unnoticed. Many questions loom large as she approaches d day. Here is where ante natal classes come into the picture.

Conducted by child birth experts, Antenatal classes teach the expectant mother to facilitate easy and normal birth. They teach breathing techniques, massage techniques and birth positions to help in the process of labour. Pregnancy for many stifles social activity. These classes are a great way to bond with similar women, so the mom to be is in good cheer.

To be dads are equally welcome at these sessions. When you are in labour, he would be the cheer leader encouraging you to push, telling you that you are crowning, and sometimes passing out witnessing the drama! To prepare him for the big day and to help him handle all the challenges that pregnancy brings, antenatal classes are truly a must.

Here are some faqs that antenatal classes address:

  • What are the choices of pain relief that I can be advocated?
  • What are some useful tips to handle back ache and nausea?
  • What hormonal changes can I expect after child birth and how do I deal with them?
  • All about breastfeeding
  • How do I swaddle the baby and bond with the new born?


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