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11 Oct 2016 8 Comments

Know Why, The documentary “Mixed Match” Insists on Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Preservation?

 Filmmaker Jeff Chiba was approached by a friend named James in 2007 in search of a bone marrow donor. James was suffering from Leukemia and was from a Chinese-Caucasian descent. He did not have a sibling, so finding a suitable donor for his stem transplant was looking impossible without a ray of hope.

Jeff Chiba who himself was from a mixed descent, knew nothing about the complexities of the transplants involved. Jeff began his research on stem cell transplant for mixed descent community and in 2016 came up with the world premiere of his documentary named “Mixed Match”. The documentary was screened with the sole initiative to spread awareness on how preservation of umbilical cord can be life-saver in people of mixed descent.

Chiba also co-founded the Hapa-palooza festival to bring further awareness about the benefits of umbilical cord stem cells amidst the multicultural and multiethnic country.  Today we all live in a world where people migrate to different parts of the world for jobs, studies and better perspective of life paving way to a community of mixed races. With such a fast growing mixed racial demographic makeup and a surge of illnesses such as cancer and other rare diseases, banking a newborn’s umbilical stem cells for future use can prove to be really wise.

The more we mix our DNA blends making it much difficult to get a matching allogeneic donor. Chiba explains in his documentary how stem cell transplant involves the immunity factor and is not the same and simple like blood transfusions.

The documentary, “Mixed Match” is a combination of interviews and animated sequences that explain how difficult it is to find a compatible donor for a mixed raced person. Chiba also explains in the documentary how to stem cell are matched, extracted and also transplanted in an elaborate way. Finally, the documentary nails up with an inspiring story of James and the way he was turned down by all his compatible Chinese donors. Finally, the breakthrough in James’ life came with the umbilical cord stem cells of this newborn child.

Cord blood stem cells considered as a medical waste gave a second chance for James who was left without a hope. Gesturing all parents with a unanimous guidance to preserve their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth.

If you want to know more about preserving your baby’s stem cells, click the link below:


PC: Movie-“Mixed Match”



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