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23 Feb 2012

Love yourself, whatever your waist line!

Agonised screech - “Wrinkles. Puffy eyes. Bad hair. Am so doomed. The world may as well have ended. Find that too familiar? As women, we go through each day, with some baggage of inadequacy. “I’m not tall enough, thin enough, am putting on weight, and so on…” Add to this society’s perennial demands on womanhood. A case in point - When a man ages, it is considered distinguished, but when a woman ages, she is just, well, old.

And so, we have a barrage of advertisements and products to defy age, fight wrinkles, flaunt flawless complexions. Many of us seem ashamed of our age and the fine lines age brings. Julie Hanks, therapist calls wrinkles a mark of experience - “God’s signature” - she labels them.

Hanks’ message is loud and clear – unlink appearance and self esteem. How you look doesn’t have to define you. Remember, you are not your body.

In an attempt to be “perfect” we fail to see the spirit within. The spirit that can do it all –give birth, nurture, break Olympic records and wage wars.

Hanks goes on “Name one perfect person? Own up to your mistake, learn the lesson and get going. Don’t obsess”.

We are often bogged down by unreal expectations and phantom worries. Our moods and well being are constantly ruled by our hormones. Not to mention, the feeling of disgust and weakness that our monthly friend doles out. Did you know that menstrual blood is the purest and most nutrient rich blood – good enough to nourish a child?!

Ladies, let’s break the shackles and celebrate ourselves.



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