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20 Aug 2014 3 Comments

Making power while the sun shines

Stem cells teach us the importance of renewal and we at LifeCell took a cue to become environment –friendly by using renewable energy. Here’s how: LifeCell recently inaugurated its 300 KW solar plant at its Chennai facility, in partnership with Refex Energy.

This initiative is to keep up with the Tamiladu Government’s Solar Power Obligation policy requiring High Tension Power Line users to meet 3-6% of their power requirement through solar power.

The solar power system will meet nearly 50% of the facility’s daily power requirement. The system also substantiates LifeCell’s power back system, reducing dependencies on the UPS (120KW * 3 = 360 KW) and the Diesel Generator (500 KW front-end & 250 KW backup) during power cuts.



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