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15 Sep 2016 234 Comments

A stem cell jab can save millions from the misery of Osteoporosis

Scientists from the University of Nottingham led by Dr.Ifty Ahamed have created a minimally invasive-quick fix injection using stem cells to regenerate the osteoporotic bones at high risk of fractures.

This new injection can be a real boon to patients witnessing fractures due to osteoporosis. The common areas where osteoporotic fractures occur are at the neck of femur, wrist, spine and shoulders. Out of these areas the site that is most prone and weak for the occurrence of fractures were detected and the injection was provided to bring amazing outcomes.

After these powerful injections, the bone mineral mass injected within dissolved, causing the bones to strengthen in that area. The stem cells injected also gets dispersed and helping in the regeneration of the bones and tissues.

The entire team was excited about this breakthrough as this innovation could save millions from the misery of osteoporosis and could also salvage them from the trauma of broken bones.

The injection was created as a hollow sphere of calcium phosphate, which is the key component of bones and was filled with patient’s own stem cells. This minute microsphere that was smaller than a strand of hair was injected into the patient’s affected bones.

 Based on this innovation the mass protocol formulated in the UK checked the bone mineral density of elderly patients who visited the hospitals and captured their susceptibility to osteoporosis. After detecting the condition early these injections were administered as a powerful panacea to prevent the patients from encountering a painful episode of fracture, surgery or its associated consequences.

Thus, this innovation using stem cells was a real breakthrough that could enhance the quality of life in millions of elderly patients.

If you want to know more about stem cell preservation and its other benefits, click on the link below:












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