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09 Nov 2017 74 Comments

Stem cell transplant improves the health of frail elders

A research done at the stem cell institute of Miami by Dr. Joshua Hare reveals that chronic inflammation which is the causative of aging in elderly can be brought to a grinding halt with the help of stem cells.Till date, there has been no medication to curb the signs of aging like muscular weakness, balance issues, fatigue etc, in elders. So scientists have delved into various studies to unlock the mysteries of aging. They anticipate in comprehending, why at the age of 80, some elders are able to play tennis and why the rest need nursing care.

The researchers at the University of Miami say that they have found the beginning of the cause of aging in elders. Aging and frailty are the main cause of falls and are also the most common cause of disability. After a single dose stem cell infusion from a healthy donor,  it was found that the elderly patients were able to breathe easier and walk farther. These studies were published in Journals of Gerontology, with proofs that stem cells are the specialized cells holding the potential to repair any tissue damage.

Aging is inevitable to all, but the therapeutic application of stem cells can bring an immense biological difference in elders and help them retain their mobility, energy, and control chronic inflammation. Stem cells were also capable of reviving the withered cells and muscle tissues, thereby enabling elders to protest against frailty and aging as the inevitable fate of age.

In the first phase of the clinical trial, professor Hare dealt with 15 elders and proved that stem cell infusions were safe for them. During the second phase of the trial which involved 30 people, Dr. Hare infused them with a single dose of stem cells acquired from healthy young donors. After the infusion, the elders showed improved lung function and better ability to walk farther.

These elders also got better early and their improvement also lasted over time. The median age of people who participated in this clinical trial was 78. Within 3-6 months of stem cell therapy, these patients showed sumptuous physical improvement.

The next set of clinical trials are also scheduled and Dr. Hare is intending to recruit close to 120 elders to establish the measurable improvement using stem cells in collaboration with FDA. As this will grant credibility to the study and help in the acquisition of approval to be used in the clinical set-up.

Walking distance is a measurable goal, the trial already reported that elders were able to walk 200-230 feet more in 6 minutes walking test after the stem cell infusion. Another measurable parameter to be assessed is the inflammatory biomarker found in the blood. Since the results were positive Longeveron, a Miami based company founded in 2014 began to sponsor it.

Due to the financial interest associated with the project many other Universities are also pursuing the same study on elders using stem cells.

Currently, with such promising trials being done using stem cells, preserving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth is indeed a very wise move. As you plan to preserve your baby’s stem cells, make sure to choose the stem cell bank with a community banking model. This model extends the protection of stem cells to not just your baby but also for your entire family.To know more about community stem cell banking:





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