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04 Aug 2016 254 Comments

Stem cells offer, Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, “A Gift of Life”!

Ryan Benton becomes the first Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patient, to turn 30 this year, after FDA grants him approvals for allogeneic adult stem cell transplant in the US.

At the age of three, Ryan was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a progressive muscular disorder with genetic predisposition. The life expectancy of the patients with DMD is usually limited between late teens and early twenties.

This condition is generally manifested with rapid deterioration of muscle mass, function and strength, causing death due to reduction in lung capacity and inefficiency of the respiratory musculature.

When Ryan was 22, his medical condition was critical and his family sought medical help from the Stem Cell Institute, Pananma. Dr. Neil.H.Riordan was the pioneer at the Stem cell Institute, who suggested that adult stem cell therapy might have a potential to reverse the progression of DMD.

Panama city Institute, In league with other universities and physicians World-wide were delving into comprehensive stem cell treatment protocols that employ specifically targeted combos of autologus bone marrow stem cells and donor human umbilical cord stem cells for various medical conditions, already.

Thus, with all these credentials, Dr.Riordin and team were all set to provide clinical services for Ryan’s DMD without any verbal positive claims, using allogeneic umbilical cord tissue- derived mesenchymal stem cells.

Laws for Adult stem cell therapy were highly restricted in the U.S, so Dr.Riordan’s team of Physicians recommended Ryan to receive his treatment at Panama. Ryan made seven trips to Panama for his life-saving treatment but the gamble turned fabulously fruitful when Ryan began to notice vast improvement in his muscle mass and lung capacity as a result.

Soon after his first treatment, Ryan felt something happening within; he could feel his strength being renewed for the first time after the onset of the disease. He began to put his faith on stem cells and continued the treatment.

After 5 years of hard work and diligent efforts put by Dr. Riordan & team, Ryan is the undisputed only patient with DMD, who has outlived his life expectancy to 30 years. After this Hercules leap, FDA granted approvals for his medical treatment within US and on compassionate grounds investigational new drug called (IND) was also approved, eventually permitting Ryan to receive his treatment at his home town.

The FDA approvals came with multiple clauses and stated the treatment could be used for only one patient, twice a year for 3 years. But in Jan 2016 the milestone was achieved, when FDA recently granted a total of 3 treatments a year and an approval for the second patient with DMD to use IND.

Ryan strongly believes that if his condition was treated early, it would have showered him with other positive outcomes and also caused him less debilitating effects.

With the aid of allogeneic adult stem cell transplant there is a vast enhancement in his muscle mass and lung capacity. He also says, if additional treatments on a more frequent basis are administered, it would absolutely ensure a titanic potential of reversing the progress of the disease.

After each subsequent treatment, Ryan witnessed a dramatic increase in his overall health, stamina, physical strength and ease in his ability to breathe. But, 3-4 months after treatment the efficacy of the treatment slowly fails, says Ryan. Thus to preserve the improvements obtained and control the brutality of the disease, FDA’s approval for more frequent treatment sessions, would be necessary.

For other patients who struggle with the cruelty of the disease this treatment has become a huge rock of support.




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