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26 Aug 2016 14 Comments

Top reasons why 2 lakh parents trust us!


Having set a new milestone of 2 Lakh happy parents, we indeed extend our heartfelt gratitude to every customer for trusting us in preserving their baby’s precious stem cells.

Here are few top reasons why every customer should be proud of their choice about LifeCell :


  • We are the pioneers to have brought the stem cell revolution into India a decade ago, thus hold a vast span of experience in preserving stem cells with care
  • We work with the collaboration of CryoCell International USA, world’s first stem cell bank with over 25 years of operational excellence, thus our credibility on standards is beyond expectations
  • Every 10 minutes 1unit of cord blood is stored in our labs, thereby our customers can be sure of the hands  behind the scenes who toil for the safe storage of your baby’s stem cells
  • We are the only stem bank to possess dual storage sites with two advanced facilities for the added safety of your baby’s stem  cells
  • We are the most awarded  and accredited stem cell bank in India by both national and international boards of quality assurance
  • The technology we employ offers you the highest recovery rate relative to other modes of separation prevalent
  • Our adoption of high-tech collection mode, logistics, processing, retrieval and reporting system makes us match international standards leaving no hassles to our customers
  • We are a visionary who have invested our funds into R&D of cellular therapy delving to become the harbinger of hope into several lives in the future

Beyond all the stated credentials, what makes us really stand out is after a decade of protecting lives, we at LifeCell still value and treasure every customer’s smile as our foremost priority.



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