Identify the root cause of male infertility with advanced genetic testing and plan the way for a successful parenthood journey

InferGenes Male

When family plans don't go as planned, create a crafted path towards pregnancy by decoding infertility at a genetic level
  • Sample Type : Saliva
  • Collection Type : Self
  • Results : Within 21 days
  • Genes Tested : 36 genes by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)
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Sample Collection

Collect your sample in the comfort of home and mail it to our certified lab with prepaid shipping

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Within days you'll receive expert approved results with useful insights on your personalised dashboard

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Schedule a virtual consultation with our medical experts to understand your results better

Digital Results - Your Smart Report

Customised Dashboard Experience:

We not only offer an interactive experience but also provide an insight on what all information you will get in your smart reports. In that way, we will help you navigate through your entire testing journey

SMART Reports:

We want to empower you with the correct information and for that, we have designed SMART reports that are reliable and easy to understand. These reports are expert-verified, provide customised recommendations, and may also help you self-monitor your healthcare needs. Plus, you can share them with your doctor with just a few clicks!

Personalised Recommendations:

We want you to understand the logic and science behind what we do. So, your report is not just about numbers but crafted in a way to help you visualise and comprehend why, what, how, as well as the next steps

Advice from experts:

We understand the importance of expert advice, at the right time. That is why we don't just provide your levels and leave it at that. Our in-house team of medical experts interpret any out-of-range results and provide tailored advice

Why choose LifeCell?

NABL & CAP Certified

Our labs are NABL and CAP certified. This means they have to meet high testing standards and submit themselves to regular inspections

Privacy & Confidentiality

Your privacy is our priority. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your data is stored securely, and under no circumstance do we ever sell your data

Expert Certified Results

All our tests are medically reviewed and approved by our certified medical experts

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InferGenes, an at-home saliva collection test is a breakthrough genetic test to identify specific underlying causes of your fertility-related issues

  • Individuals trying to understand the cause of infertility
  • Men with abnormal semen analysis/hormone test results
  • Women with abnormal hormone test results
  • Couples with a family history of infertility
  • Couples with history of miscarriages, failed IVF cycles or unsuccessful embryo transfer
  • Couples trying to conceive
  • Helps choose the right treatment plan or intervention by analyzing potential areas of investigation
  • Avoids unnecessary treatment cost and physical/emotional stress for you and your family
  • Identifies the WHY of infertility that a routine biochemical test and treatment response may not be able to answer

Let your doctor know about your family history. They can recommend you to get in touch with a genetic counselor to evaluate your family history and provide options for further testing.

LifeCell’s state-of-the-art labs follow strict medical privacy policies and practices shared by the rest of the medical team. With LifeCell, your personal health information is safely and securely stored. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

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InferGenes Male

InferGenes Male