3 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Baby Size, Foods to Eat and Pregnancy Tips

3rd Week Pregnancy Highlights

It’s Time To Test

At the end of this week, you might see two faint pink lines on your pregnancy test strip! If negative, try again after a few days.

Implantation may occur

Don’t panic! Even if you are pregnant, you might see a bit of spotting. This is usually due to the implantation of your baby into the lining of the uterus.

Doctor’s Appointment

Book an appointment with your doctor if your pregnancy is confirmed by the test strip. Your doctor might order a simple test to confirm your pregnancy.

Your Baby’s Development
During Week 3

By the 3rd week, the zygote (fertilized egg) divides into more cells. It grows at an impressive rate while making a journey to the uterus. The zygote carries chromosomes from both the biological mother and father, as such, making the genetic map of your baby.


Week 3
Baby’s Growth

How Big is Your Baby?

At this stage, the zygote becomes a blastocyst of hundreds of cells and implants itself to the uterine wall. At this stage, your baby looks like a tiny ball that is around 0.2 mm, floating inside your belly.

Mother’s Changing Body:
What to Expect


As a little embryo has formed, some women may experience implantation bleeding, which is normal.

You may also feel pregnancy-nausea.

Other than these few changes, you will feel absolutely healthy. If you are still concerned, consult with your doctor.

3rd Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Even though you may not feel pregnant, you indeed have a baby growing inside you. You may feel-

Pregnancy Tips for Week 3


  • Drink plenty of water and juice
  • Manage your weight
  • Intake rich nutrients and supplements to support the nine months of pregnancy
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