11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Belly, Baby Size, Foods to Eat and Tips


Weeks to go!

11th Week Pregnancy Highlights

Floating Around

Your baby is now able to float around in the amniotic fluid, stretching and somersaulting. However, you’ll not be able to feel exact movements until week 16.

Time To Announce

You’re a week away from completing your third month of pregnancy. With abating morning sickness symptoms, now’s the right time to start planning a unique, fun way to announce your good news!

Pregnancy Milestone

At week 11, you’re in your third month!

Your Baby’s Development
During Week 11


Week 11
Baby’s Growth

weight (g)

7 g

Length (cm)

4.1 cm

Approximate size


How Big is Your Baby?

Your baby is now the size of a fig.

At week 11, your baby’s head is equal in length to the rest of the body. Slightly, over 2 inches, your baby’s the size of a lime and develops more like a human being with see-through skin. Hair follicles have formed and the ears are nearing the final stage of development. In this week, your baby will have fingers and toes fully separated along with the initial formation of fingernails and toenails. Your baby will start to grow bigger in size and begin movements like kicking and stretching from this week.

Baby’s Length: 4.1 cm

Baby’s Weight: 7 g

Mother’s Changing Body:
What to Expect


From this week, your belly will start to protrude slowly but if your abdomen looks flat, worry not; every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy symptoms and it might take a few more weeks to show up.

A dark vertical line called linea nigra may appear on the abdomen of pregnant women which is quite normal.

11th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

You may still experience some remnants of nausea, excessive saliva, bloating, gas, frequent urination, heartburn, etc.

Pregnancy Tips for Week 11

  • Now that your appetite is back to normal, minimize junk intake and include more nutritious food in your diet.
  • It is advisable to have a protein and carbohydrate-rich diet; you can munch on those crackers and cheese, nuts and dry fruits with no worry.
  • Once-a-week yoga session is recommended for pregnant women as yoga relieves the body and mind from fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Fix an appointment with your dentist to ensure good oral hygiene during pregnancy.
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