Fetal Autopsy

A diagnostic approach towards preventing atypical pregancies & recurrent pregnancy loss.


Fetal Autopsy Overview

A fetal autopsy includes an examination of the internal & external body parts after the demise of a fetus due to an elective termination of pregnancy or health anomalies. This may often involve extraction of small pieces of tissues for further laboratory examination involving genetic or infectious studies testing. For fetuses and newborns, the examination of the Placenta (Placenta-Scope- Read more) is usually part of the autopsy.

Fetal Autopsy helps prospective parents in more ways than one

Helps understand the underlying cause of the death of the foetus which may be a disease or a birth defect.

Helps parents understand the risks for future pregnancies or others in the family.

Turn Around Time of 7 days

Accurate interpretation of results by expert pathologists

How Does Fetal Autopsy Work?

Booking The Test

Doctor places an order for the test


The sample is collected and shipped to the lab

Laboratory Analysis

Testing and analysis are carried out


Reports are shared within 7 working days

Make an intelligent life decision for your child with

Fetal Autopsy


Please note that Fetal Autopsy can only be ordered by a physician. They would also be the only person to receive your results and will pass them along to you. If you are unable to find a physician, contact us on 1800-266-5533 & we will organise one for you at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

An autopsy is performed by a doctor called a fetal pathologist who has special training in medical exams after the death of fetuses and infants

A foetal autopsy has to be ordered by a doctor. Once the results are ready, the reports are sent to the doctor who can share and discuss them with you.

A fetal autopsy cannot be performed without the explicit consent of the parents. Therefore, to give permission for an autopsy, you have to sign a consent form. To learn more, contact us at 1800-266-5533 Today!

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