13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Belly, Baby Size, Foods to Eat and Tips

13th Week Pregnancy Highlights

Fluid Cycle

Your baby has now started to form a complete cycle of swallowing and excreting the amniotic fluid every few hours.

Up The Hydration Levels

You’ll now need to increase your own fluid intake. Be on the lookout for urine color - dark yellow means you need more fluids. Pale yellow or colorless means you’re well hydrated.

Folic Acid Boost

Pregnancy Milestone

At week 13, you're nearing completion of your third month!


Your Baby’s Development
During Week 13

weight (g)

23 g

Length (cm)

7.4 cm

Approximate size

Pea Pod

How Big is Your Baby?

At this time of pregnancy, unique fingerprints are formed in your baby’s palms. Your baby is actively learning to kick, swallow, yawn and turn the head. The eyelids are still fused and the vocal cords develop. The big-sized head takes up a proportional size to balance the body and now it measures one-third of the total size. In the skeletal structure, the femur and clavicle bones develop first while the organs like stomach and intestines take shape from this week

Baby’s Length: 7.4 cm

Baby’s Weight: 23 g


By this week, the placenta takes over the production of hormones related to pregnancy which will give some relief from nausea.

As the growing baby requires more nutrients, there is an increased supply of blood through the blood vessels which results in visible veins, mainly in the abdomen and breast regions. However, they’ll disappear after childbirth.

13th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Tips for Week 13

  • Apples with skin have constipation-quelling fiber so it is important to eat an apple without peeling the skin to handle constipation issues.
  • If you still suffer from heartburn and indigestion, keep yourself away from spicy food items, chocolates, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, mint and fatty foods.
  • Visible veins may look cumbersome for a while but will disappear after childbirth, so do not worry about them. Try mild lotions as advised by your gynecologist, if required.
  • This is the best time to let your family, friends, and employer know that you are pregnant and plan for maternity leave in advance.

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