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20th Week Pregnancy Highlights

Hear! Hear!

Around this week, your baby’s inner and outer ears would become functional. Your baby can now start hearing inner sounds like your heartbeat, stomach rumblings, breathing, etc.

You’ve Crossed The Half-Way

This week, you’ll complete an important milestone - the halfway mark. Now, you and your baby have only 20 more weeks to go!

Pregnancy Milestone

At week 20, you’re in the fifth month!


Your Baby’s Development
During Week 20
Baby’s Growth

weight (g)

300 g

Length (cm)

25.6 cm

Approximate size


How Big is Your Baby?

You will experience a lot of baby movements that are mild and do not cause discomfort. The baby can hear pretty well as both the external and internal ears will be completely functional. Your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid, which is a practice for the tiny digestive system. The water in the amniotic fluid will be absorbed by the body while the rest moves to the bowel system. From this week on, your baby will grow bigger and stronger.

Baby’s Length: 25.6 cm

Baby’s Weight: 300 g

Mother’s Changing Body:
What to Expect


You may feel your nails and hair growing stronger, thanks to those pregnancy hormones.

This week, your belly button may protrude outside as the uterus pushes the abdomen.

The growing belly may interfere with your sleeping positions and cause disturbed sleep.

Make sure you get iron rich food as the baby needs to prepare red blood cells.

20th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Tips for Week 20

  • As the baby can hear your voice, you can sing or read out loud which will help your young one recognize your voice and build a bond after childbirth.
  • There are various antenatal care classes available for the expectant mother and father to prepare for delivery and child care. It’s time to explore those options and join.
  • You can try warm showers, mild body massage, yoga, heat packs, etc., to relieve those back pains and body aches.
  • Avoid high heels and try flat sandals or shoes which will keep you comfortable all day and prevent pedal edema.

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