We have collectively entered an era where men have become active participants in the conversation related to planning a pregnancy. They equip themselves with all the important information about their fertility and etch out a plan with the help of detailed semen analysis. If you wish to embark on this journey, Lifecell provides the perfect solution through SpermScore.

SpermScore is the most comprehensive semen analysis test that tests 11 different sperm health parameters and 14 sperm health conditions. In addition, the samples can be collected and shipped from the comfort of your home. This makes it even more convenient and confidential to get your fertility checked.

Once you enroll for the test you will receive a collection kit box. The package will be picked up from your home once you have collected the sample and signed the declaration form.

Contents Of The Collection Kit

Here’s what you can expect from an at-home collection kit box for the SpermScore  test:

  1. A carton box with necessary items for collection. Preserve this box as you will need it to dispatch your sample later.
  2. Steel shipment container that protects the sample from environmental damage
  3. Coolant canister that will protect the semen sample from heat damage
  4. Two bottles filled with preservative liquid that help keep your swimmers alive during transit.
  5. One plastic cup for semen collection
  6. Collection Manual
  7. Semen declaration form

The packaging is such that the carton will encase a steel container, inside which you can find the coolant canister with the two bottles of transparent solution and one plastic cup. You should check the package thoroughly to ensure that you have received all the components.

Unique Features Of The Collection Kit

The collection kit box is curated by keeping essential factors like environmental damage and temperature control in mind. We have designed the kit while paying great attention to every small detail. The following features make the collection kit the safest and most simple part of the semen analysis process.

1. Triple Layer Protection

The semen sample is quite susceptible to damage. Our collection kit ensures that the viability of your sample remains intact through triple-layer protection. The first layer and most protective is the coolant canister, the next layer is the steel shipment container, and the outermost layer is the carton which seals the deal finally. This will protect your sample from physical damage and temperature fluctuations during transit.

2. Temperature Control

We have a unique coolant that sustains temperatures between 2-8°C. This ensures the safe transportation of your sample to our laboratory.

3. Easy To Use

Visiting a clinic to submit the semen sample can often get a bit awkward. This collection kit eliminates such concerns by providing a simple at-home alternative to this procedure. You can follow simple instructions and collect your sample from the comfort of your home.

4. Convenient Shipping

The delivery and return shipment of the kit box is completely free of cost. In addition, we take complete care to keep the packaging as discreet as possible. The outer packaging can be shipped without mentioning the product to maintain utmost confidentiality. Our shipping services provide a seamless pick up of the sample as well as drop the kitbox at the doorstep for your convenience. 

5. Detailed Instruction Manual

In addition to the contents for the collection and protection of the sample, we provide a detailed instruction manual in the kit. This manual guides you through the process of setting up the kit box, sample collection, packaging, and dispatch from your home.

Step-By-Step Semen Collection Process

1. Unpack The Parcel

Open the carton box and check the contents once the collection kit arrives. Make sure you have received all the components mentioned above. Freeze the coolant canister for a minimum of 12 hours before collecting the sample.

2. Collect The Sample

Remove the two bottles with the transparent solution and the plastic cup from the canister before ejaculation. Next, make sure that you close the coolant canister properly. Collect the sample in the designated cup and leave it at room temperature for 10 minutes.

3. Add The Transport Solution

Proceed further by slowly adding the transport solution to the sample in a drop-by-drop manner. Mix the solution gently, but thoroughly. Seal the lid tightly and place the collection cup inside the coolant canister. Keep the canister in the refrigerator until dispatch. Ensure you dispose of the empty transport liquid bottles appropriately.

4. Fill Out The Semen Collection Declaration Form

The next step is to fill in the details in the declaration form that comes with the collection kit. Once you have filled out the form, place it back in the designated envelope.

5. Schedule The Sample Pick-Up

Once ready for dispatch, place the coolant canister in the steel shipment container. Secure the lid properly and then put it in the carton. Log in to the dashboard and schedule an at-home sample pick-up.

Once the sample is shipped, you can sit back and relax. You will receive physician-approved results within days regarding your current fertility status and potential risk factors if any. This will include a detailed analysis of different sperm health parameters like Semen Volume, Sperm Count, and Total Motile Count. The results help identify conditions like Hypospermia, Hyperspermia, and many others.

You can count on these reports to help you plan the conception of a child and obtain personalized recommendations on how to proceed with your journey towards parenthood.