A Comprehensive GenePass Carrier Screening Panel

GenePass Carrier Screening Overview

Carrier screening is a genetic test used to determine if a healthy person is a carrier of a single-gene disease, & if they are at risk of having an offspring affected by it. Most people do not know if they are a carrier for an inherited genetic disease until they have a child with the disease. LifeCell’s GenePass Carrier Screening test gives couples important information on reproductive risk and their chances of having a child with a genetic disease.

Who should consider the test?

Couples who:

  1. Are currently pregnant or planning a pregnancy
  2. Have a family history of a genetic disorder
  3. Would like additional information about the reproductive risks of having a child with a genetic disorder
  4. Are planning to donate eggs, sperm, or embryos
  5. Belong to a high-risk ethnic group
  6. Have a consanguineous partner

Carrier Screening helps prospective parents in more ways than one

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Allows couples to consider pre-pregnancy reproductive options

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Screens for highly prevalent conditions

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Tests for most of the common genetic disorders by NGS

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Screens for low-risk conditions

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Allows couples to plan for the birth of a child with a genetic condition

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Report interpretation by expert clinical geneticists

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Actionable result in 10 Days

How Does Carrier Screening Work?

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Booking The Test

Your doctor places an order to book the test

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An appropriate sample is collected from the prospective male.

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Laboratory Analysis

Testing and analysis of the sample is conducted in the lab

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Test results are shared with the consulting doctor in 20 working days.

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Post-test genetic counselling is offered to help understand the test results better.

Take a simple test that reassure you of a healthy future with

Carrier Screening

Please note that Carrier Screening can only be ordered by a physician. They would also be the only person to receive your results and will pass them along to you. If you are unable to find a physician, contact us on 1800-266-5533 & we will organise one for you at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

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