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The Collection And Shipment Process For Sperm Testing And Preservation

The Collection And Shipment Process For Sperm Testing And Preservation

Written By Niyati Pandya - February 12, 2024
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Studies suggest that approximately 40-50% of infertile couples across the globe face challenges while conceiving due to male infertility factors.1 These numbers show male infertility is an important contributor to the reproductive equation.

Male fertility is governed by multiple different factors like sperm morphology, count, concentration, semen volume and so on. Sperm production is a complex and intricate process that requires different organs to work in coordination.2 It is important to analyse the fertility status of the male partner when planning for a pregnancy.

Men can keep an eye on their reproductive health through hormone tests and semen analysis as recommended by their fertility experts. Such tests help you become aware of your reproductive health and are a necessary asset while planning for parenthood in your life. For example, SpermScore is a semen analysis test that analyses 11 different sperm health parameters and 14 sperm health conditions to give you a thorough report on your sperm health, all from the comfort of your home.

Let’s dive into the simple and straightforward semen sample collection and shipment process for the SpermScore test.

Semen Sample Collection

LifeCell aims to make the semen analysis process as convenient as possible. You can book the test online through our website. You will receive a semen sample collection kit box at your doorstep soon after you order the test. This facilitates a private, comprehensive, and convenient sample pickup without you having to step out or go to a clinic to get a semen analysis test.

The collection kit is designed with a unique set of features to keep your sample safe while in transit to the lab. It includes a sturdy steel shipment container to avoid any kind of environmental damage.

Furthermore, you get a coolant canister to keep the biological components from degrading due to heat damage with the necessary temperature control. The coolant canister, steel shipment container, and outer packaging guarantee triple-layer protection for the sample.

Apart from these containers, you get a sterilised plastic semen collection cup to store the sample. The kit also contains two bottles of preservative liquid to keep your sample intact till they reach our facility.

The kit also contains a collection manual. The entire semen sample collection process is explained in a detailed step-by-step manner in this manual to guide you while collecting the sample from home. Once done, you can fill in the declaration form and place it in its designated envelope. This concludes the collection part on your end and the collected sample is ready to be shipped to the lab for semen analysis.

Shipment Of The Sample

Once the semen sample collection process is completed you can schedule an at-home pick-up online through your dashboard. The coolant will ensure that the temperature of the sample is maintained between 2-8°C during the transit to our laboratory. 

The best part about the convenient semen analysis process is that you need not worry about the delivery or shipment of the sample. Also, there is no onward or return fee charged for the shipment of the kit box.

LifeCell prioritises your privacy and keeps the packaging of the collection kit box as subtle as possible. We keep it discreet by not specifying the name or any details about the product on the outermost box.

Our shipping services provide a seamless delivery of the easy-to-use collection kit box and a swift doorstep pick-up after semen sample collection.

Wrapping Up

SpermScore provides a quick result. You can avail the test reports online through your login ID or your account within 24 hours. The information from a detailed semen analysis comes in handy when planning for parenthood and looking for ways to track or protect your fertility. Alternatively, it gives answers if you are facing challenges while actively trying to conceive with your partner.

With LifeCell, you get personalised recommendations with your semen analysis results. These recommendations pave the way for a well-informed discussion with fertility experts. You can plan for parenthood through appropriate guidance and choose options like sperm banking or cryopreservation through SpermVault to align with your reproductive goals.

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