Hasn’t it happened to all of us at some point where we would’ve decided to purchase a product and then became clueless about the ideal brand to go for? Blame it on the advertising blitzkrieg or lack of awareness, but it is a common scenario to get lost in this conundrum, which eventually affects our judgement. This confusion might not usually have serious consequences when limited to inconsequential products. However, when it comes to something like cord blood banking that has significant life-altering potential, then it becomes all the more important to make the right choice. While there may be dime-a-dozen cord blood banks in India, LifeCell has always stood out in the crowd. Here, we tell you ten reasons why banking your baby’s cord blood with LifeCell is the right choice after all!

  1. Experience & Stability

Nothing beats the stability one can achieve from experience. And LifeCell’s 15 years in the business is quite a substantial amount of experience to boast of. Take any aspect of cord blood banking - sample collection, transportation, processing, storage, retrieval - and you’ll find that LifeCell has aced all of them through its sheer experience. Over the years, LifeCell has also gained credible industry-related accreditations, scaled up its inventories, and also provides financial stability to its customers.

  1. Benefit Of Community Banking Over Private Banking

Ask any stem cell doctor and they are bound to recommend community stem cell banking over private banking. LifeCell has always been the number one choice when it comes to community stem cell banking in India. The community stem cell banking program offers a >97% of finding a matching donor as opposed to the slim chances offered by private banking. It extends the accessibility benefits of cord blood banking not only to the baby and the parents, but also to siblings and grandparents (maternal & paternal) as well. LifeCell offers various other benefits to its community banking members like free sample retrievals, free-of-cost sample purchases, as well as financial assistance to offset transplant-related expenses.

  1. Safe Collection Kits

LifeCell’s cord blood collection kits are one of the best in the industry. The state-of-the-art collection kits safeguard the blood samples from water seepage, leakage, temperature fluctuations, and violent shakes. What’s more? The collection kits are recyclable, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

  1. PrepaCyte-CB - The Breakthrough Cord Blood Processing Technology

LifeCell is the only company that offers PrepaCyte-CB technology to its cord blood banking program members. This unique cord blood processing technology helps in recovering a significantly higher number of viable stem cells compared to other regular processing methods. PrepaCyte-CB also reduces the number of red blood cells in the sample the presence of which, in higher numbers, can lead to sample contamination. What’s even more important is that this process expedites the post-transplant recovery rate.

  1. Continued Protection Against Sample Rejection

Did you know that private banks often discard an unfit sample and simply refund your money? Thus, you lose your only chance to safeguard your baby’s future health. LifeCell, however, believes in giving every child a well-deserved second chance by continuing to protect your baby and the entire family irrespective of the quality or quantity of the blood sample.

  1. Dual Storage Facilities

The storage of samples is, perhaps, the most important aspect of cord blood banking. You need to entrust your valuable sample with a bank that can ensure overall protection from all types of damage and loss. However, most private cord blood banks lack proper contingency plans in place to protect your samples from natural calamities or accidents. Keeping such untoward incidents in mind, LifeCell has instituted two storage facilities in different geographic areas - Gurugram and Chennai - in India. Entire specimen will be stored at either of these locations, at its own discretion.

  1. Safe & Reliable Transplantation Programs

One of the biggest concerns for anyone undergoing a transplantation is if the sample is safe enough. At times, mutations in a donor stem cell might cause complications in patients. LifeCell has come up with a unique solution to this problem - that is genomic profiling of stem cells. It uses cutting-edge next-generation sequencing technology to screen for thousands of pediatric and inherited genetic disorders. Thus, providing protection from many transplant-related disorders. LifeCell is the only stem cell bank globally that offers this service before a transplant, that too at no extra cost.

  1. Highest Experience Of Retrievals In India

Another yardstick that you should use to measure the reliability of a cord blood bank is its rate of retrievals. After all, ease of sample retrieval in the hour of a medical necessity for your family is why you banked your baby’s cord blood in the first place, isn’t it? Going by that, LifeCell International boasts of a 100% record of all its cord blood samples being completely viable at the time of their release. Not only that, but LifeCell has an impressive track record in India of 68 free sample retrieval shipment experience as on March'21.

  1. Medical Assistance Benefits

Time and again, LifeCell has lived up to its reputation of being there for their cord blood banking members with every possible assistance, including financial. As of February 2020, LifeCell has released nearly 1 crore rupees as financial assistance to its clients to offset stem-cell-related transplant costs. Thus, sticking to its promise made to its clients at the time of enrolment.

  1. LifeCell’s Unique Mesenchymal Stem Cells Program

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are considered a sort of master cells that have the potential ability bone, muscle, cartilage and adipose tissues. They are present in the adult bone marrow as well as baby’s umbilical cord tissue. Since umbilical cord tissue banking is prohibited in India, LifeCell has developed a unique program where it derives MSCs from donated umbilical cord tissues or donated adult bone marrow. This process of using donated source for large scale MSC production by LifeCell is very well approved by the Government of India. What’s important to note is that these MSCs do not require a donor-recipient match for treatment, thus removing an important hurdle in the therapeutic area.

Now that we have given you enough reasons as to why you should choose LifeCell to bank your baby’s cord blood, we hope it has helped cleared most of your confusion now. So, what are you waiting for now? Check out LifeCell’s website www.lifecell.in and book your free presentation today!

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