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The Significance Of Stem Cell Banking: Explained

Written By Sanyukta Chavan - May 20, 2024
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As an expectant parent, your main focus will undoubtedly be to ensure a secure future for your baby. And why not? It's quite natural to prioritize your little one's future and offer them the best-secured life! Having said that, you may have heard about stem cell banking to preserve your baby’s stem cells and the numerous benefits it offers. But, did you know that banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells post-birth can also safeguard your baby and entire family from over 90+ medical conditions? That’s right! In this article, let us learn about the world of stem cells, explore the benefits of stem cell banking and know how you can opt for it.

Unlocking The Potential Of Stem Cells And Stem Cell Banking

In simple terms, stem cells are special human cells that can develop into many different cell types ranging from muscle cells to brain cells.1 Unlike other cells in the body stem cells are unique due to the following reasons:2

  • They have the ability to self-renew themselves
  • They cannot perform specific functions in the body as they are unspecialised
  • They can transform into specialised cells such as blood cells, brain cells and muscle cells

There is ongoing, extensive research in the field of “regenerative medicine” exploring the ability of stem cells to treat various diseases and injuries. This is because experimental evidence suggests that stem cells can potentially function as repair mechanisms for the replacement of damaged cells.3

These stem cells are broadly classified into embryonic stem cells, foetal stem cells, adult stem cells, embryonic germ cells, and amniotic and umbilical cord stem cells.3 If you want to learn more about their sources and specific properties, read this blog on “All About Stem Cells: Different Types & Sources Of Stem Cells”.

Now, let’s discuss stem cell preservation: the art of preserving stem cells to safeguard your baby’s future!

What Is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell banking involves collecting and freezing your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells using cryogenic technology. These cells have the potential to treat life-threatening diseases such as 4,5

  • Bone marrow diseases that require a transplant
  • Cancers like lymphoma or leukaemia
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Immune system disorders

By choosing stem cell preservation, you can obtain biological assurance to protect your baby and family from life-threatening diseases, if the need ever arises.6 So, if you are looking to bank your baby’s stem cells, then LifeCell, India's first and largest stem cell bank can be a trusted option.

Established in 2004, LifeCell is chosen by over 4,50,000+ parents to preserve their baby’s stem cells. You’d also be surprised to know that it is the first stem cell bank to introduce community stem cell banking. By opting for LifeCell’s stem cell banking plan, you can gain access to a vast repository of 75,000+ qualified cord blood units. Quite fascinating, right? Now let’s explore the benefits of umbilical cord blood stem cell banking. 

Unique Benefits Of Stem Cell Banking With LifeCell

There are several advantages of banking your baby’s stem cells with LifeCell as they offer exclusive benefits to your little one and family.

  • Family Coverage: Benefits to immediate family members of the baby including parents, siblings, and grandparents (maternal & paternal)
  • Protects From Various Medical Conditions: Safeguards baby from the impact of 90+ conditions & family members from 82+ conditions
  • Largest Inventory: Access to 75,000+ qualified cord blood units 
  • Best Matchmaker: > 97% chance of finding an Indian-origin stem cell match
  • Medical Insurance: Financial assistance up to INR 20 lakhs for every stem cell transplantation
  • Highest Retrieval Experience: Safe transplantation program with 64 retrievals in India & 19 Internationally

How Much Does Stem Cell Banking Cost?

LifeCell offers 3 uniquestem cell preservation packages that include -

The best part is that you can now enrol for stem cell preservation at just Rs 1 with zero-interest EMIs. To make stem cell banking affordable LifeCell has partnered with financial institutions such as Bajaj Finserv, Pinelabs, Axio (formerly Capital Float) and LiquiLoans. You can know more about LifeCell’s affordable stem cell banking plans in this article - “Zero-Interest EMIs, 1 Rupee Down Payment: LifeCell Makes Stem Cell Banking Affordable For All.”

It’s A Wrap!

We hope this blog has provided you with all the necessary information on LifeCell’s stem cell banking program. By opting to preserve your baby’s umbilical cord blood cells, you not only ensure the safety and health of your own family but also contribute to improving the lives of others. So, if you’re expecting a baby, grab the chance to protect your family with India's largest and most preferred stem cell bank for up to 75 years! 

To know more details about LifeCell’s stem cell banking call us at 1800-266-5533 or visit

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