23 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Baby Weight, Baby Development, Pregnancy Tips

23rd Week Pregnancy Highlights

The World Outside

Your baby can now start hearing sounds outside your belly and might react to sudden, loud sounds like a mixer.

Mirror, Mirror!

Don’t freak out if you look at yourself in the mirror and find more than normal dark patches or pigmentations on your face lately. These are temporary symptoms of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Milestone

Congratulations! At week 23, you’re in the sixth month!


Your Baby’s Development
During Week 23
Baby’s Growth

weight (g)

501 g

Length (cm)

28.9 cm

Approximate size


How Big is Your Baby?

In the next few weeks, the baby will grow and gain weight, almost double of his/her body weight. Do not worry as the fat will deposit all over, to fit the normal body frame. The baby’s face is fully formed and the fat will get deposited under the skin in the coming weeks. Aren’t you excited to see those chubby cheeks and dimple chin? From this week on, you can also hear the heartbeat of your sweetie pie with a stethoscope.

Baby’s Length: 28.9 cm

Baby’s Weight: 501 g

Mother’s Changing Body:
What to Expect


Along with the baby, you will also gain weight for good.

As the belly enlarges, your centre of gravity shifts and may leave you feeling clumsy.

As pregnancy progresses, your belly button may stick out which will revert to the former state after childbirth.

23rd Week Pregnancy Symptoms

This week, there are some challenges coming your way in the form of pregnancy symptoms:

It is not a rule that all pregnant women experience the above symptoms; as pregnancy is a unique experience, it differs for every woman.

Pregnancy Tips for Week 23

  • Try meditation or read for pleasure to burst the stress bubble during pregnancy.
  • Skin creams do not work on hyperpigmentation, so use a concealer to cover up the discolouration on the face.
  • If you work with computers for a long time, keep your wrist straight and make sure your elbow is not higher than your hands to cope with aches and tingling that are associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • You can also plan maternity leave and talk to your employer well in advance to avoid last minute problems

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